Centrifugal clutches with bigger engines

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by Lurvio, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I'm in a process of making a centrifugal clutch to a Perkins A4 212 (e.g. found in Massey Ferguson 165-tractor). The engine is going to be used to power a sawmill previosly powered by a tractor. I can add some numbers of the clutch being built if there is interest.

    Now I got a guestion if this kind of setup is used in boats. I understand this would be a bit application specific, mainly inboard runabouts which don't have any kind of transmission. The clutch would allow the engine to idle without load from the prop and boat would stay in place.

    I am personally thinking of making a runabout in 12-17-feet range a couple of years in the future. That boat will have either a car automatic transmission minus the torque converter or a centrifugal clutch without transmission. Size of the boat is going to affect the decision of course, bigger boat would need a reverse gear for handling.

    Anyone used this sort of setup? Ideas?
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    There is no need for a complicated setup like that on a boat. The propeller has some slip.
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