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    It is my first post so here goes.
    I wjsh to do away with my full length mini keels and replace them with a centreboard or dagger board in the centre of the cat
    My nacelle is touching the water and run to the middle beam and is solid grp 12mm thick .
    What would be the cheapest way to get better<any>windward preformance without taking up yo much cckpit space
    How deep would the foil have to go
    Could i try and buy a second hand case of a f28 or similar production boatTThe clearance is 800mm water to deck
    The cat is a crother 10 sports beach marine and does not sail to windward
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    From what I understand the Len Surtess catamarans use a center board in a central accommodation pod. It might be worth a look at, for ideas. There is a thread for the Len Surtess Catamaran, as well Len has his own web site. the thread at present can be found on page 2 mid way down.
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