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    CE Owners manual template software
    Wijma Marine Consultants has developed specialized software in order to generate the CE required owner’s manual for recreational crafts. The software guides you through all the required information. Within a couple of hours your CE manual is ready and can be printed out for your clients.

    The software consists of a minimum of text fields and all the calculations are automatically derived. Due to a fixed template you don’t have to struggle with difficult layouts. Only plain text has to be entered. To individualise the manual, your company-style photos can be added.

    By using the owner’s manual software, you can accelerate and facilitate the CE approval of your boat. The template has been assessed and certified by a recognised certification body. This means that a CE compliant manual is generated when the template has been completed.

    More information and a demonstration video of the owner’s manual software are available at www.yacht-CE-marking.com. This website also provides you with other relevant information, downloads, templates and documents about the Recreational Craft Directive.

    The owner’s manual software is offered at € 429.95 and can be ordered on www.yacht-CE-marking.com, by email info@yacht-ce-marking.com, or by phone:+31 6 27 040 935.

    Jelmer Wijma worked for many years as a CE surveyor, inspecting boats all over the world. He experienced that many boat builders have difficulties in completing and producing the CE required owner’s manual. Therefore he decided to develop the owner’s manual software as a support the boat builders who rather wish to put their energy in building boats.

    Wijma Marine Consultants is an independent marine consultancy bureau. Beside CE consultancy services also yacht documentation, structural design and owner's representative services are offered.

    Wijma Marine Consultants
    Jelmer Wijma

    Phone: +31 6 27 040 935
    e-mail: info@yacht-ce-marking.com
    websites: www.yacht-ce-marking.com
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