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Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by Nick F, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Hay guys
    i'm working on a RIB(5.5m) mainly for New Zealand and Australia, but want to build I to a standard that will let it be exported to Europe. my question is around the design and build standards. I understand that to sell a boat in Europe it needs to have a CE certification. Correct? so were is a good source to find all the applicable standards for this style of boat. I do have access to some ISO standards.
    Is there a CE representative in New Zealand or close to get in contact with?
    Any help or info to point me in the right direction would be greatly received.

    Thanks Nick :)
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    there you are vaudrey miller had some work done there

    CEproof NZ Ltd.
    P.O.Box 651

    Phone +64(0) 9 424 8626
    Fax +64(0) 9 424 8724
    Mob 1 +64(0)21 287 5877
    Mob 2 +64(0)21 287 5878
    Email: rolf@ceproof.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    CEproof Australia
    50 Smith Anenue
    Allambie Hights
    NSW 2100

    Ph +61(0)2 9939 8215
    Fax +61(0)2 9939 8215
    Mob +61(0)433 098 262
    Email: guy@ceproof.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    CEproof International Ltd.
    3/6 Curran St
    Herne Bay 1011

    Phone +64 (0) 9 376 0527
    Fax +64 (0) 9 376 0391
    Mobile +64 027 592 3371
    Email: neil@ceproof.co.nzThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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    HADDOCK, (AD HOC) that was very helpful thanks very much, now if you could find the rule for class b and c, in the recreational craft directive on freeboard that would really be great:))
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    You Have To Call To A Classification Society For Example Rina.
    I Make A Ce Certificate And The Most Difficult Things That Ask Is The Compliance With Some Simple Stability Calculation.
    The Boat In Object Was Already Buildt.
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    Nick F, you did not mention if this vessel is for recreational or commercial use, and if commercial, if it is for light or heavy duty. In Australia, we do not automatically accept CE certified boats for commercial use. It depends on under what module it was built under. For heavy duty, use LR SSC; for light duty, use ISO.
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  10. Herman
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    ISO 12215 I believe is the CE stuff for boats.
  11. Dingo
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    ISO 12215-5 and 12215-6 are the structural calculations required for submittal to MNZ (SGS or Survey Nelson etc.) or one of the Australian state authorities. Stability is not performed to ISO in Australia and NZ; the NSCV code in AUstralia and MNZ's Part 40A or 40B is used instead.
  12. jelmerwijma
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    jelmerwijma Wijma Marine Consultants

    For RIBs ISO 6185 is applicable to show compliance with the RCD requirements (CE). This standard consists of three parts for inflatable boats less then 8 metres in length.

    The standard explains very clear the tests to conduct. Most of them are practicle tests like a drop test, stability test with persons onboard, rowing tests, etc.

    For boats with a length of hull less then 12 metres in design category C or D you are allowed to do self certification (no notified body has to be involved). Just follow the standard 6185, write an owners manual and put a CIN code and builders plate to the boat.

    During my previous job as a CE surveyor, I have conducted many inspections of inflatable boats for boat builders in Australia, South Africa, China, England, Egypt, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. I have also been closely involved with the development of the ISO 6185 standards. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions or if I can be of help (info@marineconsultants.nl).

    Regards Jelmer
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    ceproof87 CE Boat Certification

    If you want to recreate or want to sale your boat legalisation is required for that. With the CE Proof your boat legally ready for sale in the European Union . following source will give you the complete standard for boats.

    CEproof Spain
    Edificio Puerto,
    Ph no: +34912171592

    Emain id : Email: info@ceproof.es
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    Can you act as a coordinated entity recognized by the Administration?
    Not on the list of concerted entities, do you?
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    "CE proof - certification tool" is absolutely pure bullpoop! There is no way to evaluate stability by "excel-software" especially when water in deck situation for fully decked boats or someting more complicated that ISO 12217:2013 requires nowadays. Have a real naval architect, and/or true Notified body instead, depending on boat lenght and design category. World needs no more "doggy" boats.
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