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    Hello, my boat is a wood 1946 downeast lobster boat. I have a CAT 3304 diesel that is currently set up for wet exhaust. She’s being converted to keel cooling. I need to know what changes I’ll need to make to the engine itself and what parts I’ll need to accomodate the keel cooler. With the keel cooler I’m going to convert her to dry exhaust w/ a stack. Does anyone have any pictures of this type of setup? Has anyone done this? I can’t find a diagram of this type of set up, which is weird because it’s a common set up on work boats. This is a DIY project. Please excuse the deck in the picture, I’m in the process of taking it down and replanking it

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    The easy way is to plumb your salt water pump to circulate the water in the keel cooler as if it was salt water and maintain the current coolant system. The old connection that came from the seacock now draws from the cooler and where the exhaust water entered the exhaust stream now goes to the cooler. You'll probably need a regulating valve to restrict the flow to the cooler.
    If you don't want to maintain 2 pumps, Cat did have a setup for a single pump, but probably more costly than running 2 pumps.
    You might try Surplusman : Home Page They buy and sell engines and parts and may have a keel cooled engine they'd sell the conversion parts from.
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