Catamaran projects looking for buyers..... Semi self build.

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    Looking for customers interested in purchasing a semi built/fitted sailing or power catamaran from the moulds listed below:

    Kaos 50ft Catamaran (Ex Admiral 50 moulds)
    SMG50 (excluding topdeck) Moulds (currently building a 50ft Solar catamaran for a private client
    Kaos 54ft Catamaran (Ex Scape 51/54ft moulds

    Available from HDB stage right through to complete sail away. Option for customer to finish with own crew at our facility and make use of our specialized equipment.

    Please make contact to discuss a possible build.

    Complete Marine FACILITY

    Our impressive 20 000m2 property of which 3500m2 is factory space and 10 000m2 concreted flat surface, is a full specialist marine facility with the following consultants:
    • Marine Engineering
    • Custom Stainless Steel
    • Mechanical & Electrical specialists
    • Resin-Infusion Composite Engineering
    • CAD Design and Rendering
    • SABBEX Member
    Production facilities

    While we specialize in offshore catamarans, we also produce sport fishers and smaller composites.
    • 12ft to 36ft Offshore Sport Fishers
    • 38ft - 62ft Performance Cruiser (sailing and power catamarans)
    • Various boat parts- bum boxes, fish hatches, consoles, hardtops
    • Swimming pools and various poolside furniture
    We align ourselves with world-class agencies and suppliers, including building with only Lloyd's Approved systems.

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