Catamaran beam development

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by RHP, Nov 6, 2016.

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    Thinking about a sailing cat. I'm looking at older craft such as a Sailcraft Comanche 32 with a beam of 13'8" (4.22m) as opposed to a Woods Eclipse beam of 19'6" (5.90m).

    The more modern still Dazcat 995 has a beam of 20' (6.0m).

    I know the leisure industry has evolved and folks are now more concerned about comfort than previously however is the narrower beam Comanche as good a sea boat as the modern wide beam boats? Does beam impact the likelihood of tipping?
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    Prout Iroqois registered a good record of over the side capsizes, related to their small beam. De Cazenove brothers, French Olympic Tornado sailors at this time flipped their father's Iroqois and recovered her for fun. Early catamaran
    has not enough beam for their weight and the high roll inertia momentum could
    induce flipping over with lateral waves.
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    This isn't the complete picture, the MK1 had more sail. They detuned the design when the molds wore out for better stability.

    Beam is just part of the equation, if rig height and area are matched to the beam and hull center of gravity narrow can be stable.

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    Narrow beam requires small sail area/ CE height combination.
    If you want to go slow why not get a proven monohull?
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