catamaran - 30 meter or more

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by svp, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. svp
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    svp New Member

    I - and the family - are in search of design, plans, drawings etc for a catamaran.

    We want to build it ourselves / have some of it made by professionals, but mostly we will build it ourselves.

    The size should not be less than 30 meter / in that neigborhood

    Obviously there must be such plans available somewhere( somebody must have been playing with the same dreams) , so instead of having plans drawn from the bottom, we hope to get inspiration from existing drawings - and possibly to use some of the drawings - in order to get easier and cheaper to the goal.

    Does anybody have an idea / a link etc

  2. rasorinc
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    Your talking about a 94' boat--DO NOT scimp on the building plans.
  3. svp
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    svp New Member

    I agree - no too easy solutions here - the idea is to get the inspiration - use the design and ideas(the good ones anyway) - and of course a pro boatdesigner will do the final touch - make the drawings in "files" as well as on paper

    I will be grateful for any help I can get
  4. Red Dwarf
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  5. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    Kurt Hughes could probably stretch one of his existing designs to suit at a reasonable price. Just getting a planset made for a boat like this will cost a lot of money. I dont know how flush you are with cash but if your considering building it yourself I'd say your not rolling in it. Any particular reason why you want to build such an enormous boat? Construction cost and maintenance costs go up as well, owning a (30m) is no small financial commitment and virtually demands you use commercial haulout and maintenance facilities which is an extra cost.
  6. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect


    Wont get much of a reply without stating the SOR.
  7. DarthCluin
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    DarthCluin Senior Member

    While it is only a little over 19 meters, have you looked at James Wharram's Pahi 63?
  8. ImaginaryNumber
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    ImaginaryNumber Imaginary Member

    Horstman has plans for a 104' Trimaran, as well as many not quite so large. :)

  9. ImaginaryNumber
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    ImaginaryNumber Imaginary Member

    John Shuttleworth 70' Cruising Catamaran
  10. Alik
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    Yes there is a lot such 'plans' around in Internet, from 'yacht dreamers' and 'designers'. There is only one problem - those are not plans but just (sometimes pretty) pictures, not suitable for build and without any engineering behind. You have to buy/order set of plans from designer to get real stuff.

    For boat of this size the word 'cheaper' should not be used. Especially, no savings on plans as good plans might save a lot in build, and also one will get better resale value for the boat.

    I also wonder how one can use 'some of the drawings'? Can not imagine how one can build a boat using 'some of the drawings' from another design :)
  11. cavalier mk2
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    cavalier mk2 Senior Member

    For practice on the Pahi 63 you can sign up and help Hanneke Boon on the Wharrams fall refit. If the kids are helping and building is a new thing I'd talk to these people.
  12. tz3dcom
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    tz3dcom 3D

    Hi svp,

    Would you like my 85'concept? have a look the link,

    I am interest in work with you for your dream.. maybe give me about 6-7 work months I can finish the exterior and interior style design include GA DWG, whole boat 3d modeling ,
    many view renderings ,virtual reality or animation. and I am sure my work will be good quality and high detail .

    of course, the premise is you or your friends have good knowledge on catamaran and you are ready to input your time and energy for the project .

    if you need my help pls email me :
  13. yipster
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    yipster designer

    30 meter cat poster may not know what a Statement Of Requirements is..
    Better state wether you mean motor or sail, charter or owner etcetera
    you better know what you want before going windowshopping

  14. luckystrike
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    luckystrike Power Kraut

    Yes you will need a lot of help if you try to unpack full size templates for the hull panels:D

    Why soo big, are you a playing tennis and want to have you own court on your boat?

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