Catalina 34' transom conversion MKI to MKI.5 sugar scoop

Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by Howlandwoodworks, May 22, 2021.

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    Last year we had a Catalina 34' MK1.5 sold out from under us. We really liked the walk through sugar scoop transom. I have found some older MKI but they have the high transom making it harder to re embark after going swimming.
    I was thinking why couldn't I cut a section of the transom out and hinge it back with some built in steps then reinforce the transom section. The MK 1.5 has a sweet sugar scoop and to just replicate that is an option but the hinged transom would maybe not devalue the boat and be easer to but back to the original design, if someone so desired. Not that the price of them haven't already dropped about as low as they will go.
    The Catalina 34' MK 1.5 are hard to find. It might be more prudent to just find something that I could just go sailing on with a walk through sugar scoop already there. The MKII is over double the price.
    There were just so many of the Catalina's build and that is my main bias towards them and parts are available etc...
    I have all the tools and skills but not sure about the devalueation for the boat. I have two friends who own marinas and they are hesitant to make any suggestion. But I would hate to be the cause of Frank Butler roll over in his grave.
    I guess my question is how bad of an idea is this?
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