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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by nivo7, May 11, 2011.

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    Hi friends I am a bit lost
    I need to design a power catamaran for my final engineering project.

    The problem is that I learn mechanic engineering so I am am unfamiliar with the naval architecture equations

    i took the books:
    Principles Of Naval Architecture Vol I - Stability And Strength
    Principles Of Naval Architecture Vol II - Resistance, Propulsion and Vibration
    Principles Of Naval Architecture Vol III-
    Practical Ship Design - D.G.M watson

    and its not getting me anywhere.
    I downloaded the excel chart that I put some info and it gives me the rest...

    Uploaded with

    so I tried to take thous measures and built it on SolidWorks now I don't know how do I test the critical situations like when it gonna flip over in what angle or force, what is the HP that i need on my engines, how much weight it able to carry

    I want it to be a 5m long catamaran for family (4 people) not needs to be fast, without a sail only motors (electric motors).
    I am having a really bad time trying to study all this info in no time
    (i need to get result till 2 months from now)

    I really appreciate the help and sorry for the ignorance
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    First of all, I suggest you to get a copy of Larsson's & Eliasson's book "Principles of Yacht Design". You'll get answers to many, if not all, of your questions there.

    Now, please excuse me for this curiosity but may I ask you how did you happen to engage a project about something you have no knowledge about?
    And what is exactly the task you are required to do or the title of your project? I presume it can't be that you have to do a complete design of a boat, when you admittedly know very little about naval architecture or boat design...?

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    Reading those books will not help; Larsson (excellent book) will not be of much use for powercat design. Good book on cats is 'Multihull Ships' by Dubrovsky, but it is for ships and will not give enough info on stability/structure of such small cat.

    Advice: take close prototype (look at manufacturers websites) and try to draw very close to it, using proven rations and shapes.
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    the project called "wind turbine powered catamaran"
    the 3 men team split this way:
    2 friend plan the power conversion system and the motors
    and I design the boat , the don't really except me do make a perfect ship design but like I know myself, if I'm doing it I'll do it right.
    I need to choose the right material for the hulls and the body, I need to make a design which is also looks good and have the standard characteristics of a working boat.
    but for every decision that I make I need to have an equation or a very good explanation why I did it (because I need to defend my project against several lecturers from a different professions when I submit my work) so I can copy a running model with close attributes to mine but I need to calculate all the weight, speed, max weight, what will make the ship flip over (sea waves strong wind), how to connect the two hulls explaining the forces the they feel and when this connection will fail... and so on

    I choose this project because my project instructor made the same one (30 years ago) but he did not design the boat just put some info about the ship's sizes and weight so he cannnot help me with what I want...
    p.s: the project instructor is the Head of the mechanical engineering department on our collage so leting him down is not an option LOL
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    ok I got the book..."Principles_of_yacht_design_-_Larsson_Eliasson"

    but from thous equations what is right and wrong for catamaran

    these equations are for mono hulls, what about multi hulls?

  6. nivo7
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