cat in trouble off Bermuda

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by pool, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Where did it say "Gunboat 90"? I think you have to be very, very careful about speculating on something like this. A lot is at stake and rumors don't do anybody any good.
  3. CatBuilder

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    There aren't really many other 90' catamarans around. Notably, there were NO other 90 catamarans in RI. The 90' Gunboat was in Newport in November. I saw it.

    I don't think there is a lot at stake here. This is just a simple shakedown cruise (a bad one) where they need to iron out some problems with systems. The boat didn't fail... just some systems.
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    Looks like it was a Gunboat, but not the fault of the design:

    A high pressure oil line fitting on both Yanmar engines failed. Yanmars are not our first choice to supply, but the local mechanic to the boat is Yanmar.

    The hydraulic system onboard has plenty of redundancy, and is well built, but evidently one elbow in the hydraulic line failed and emptied much of the fluid in the system before being discovered. This system was done as an owner supplied subcontracted system.

    Sail handling had mechanical back-up with the winches aboard. The crew manually hoisted and trimmed sails. Not easy at this size, but very do-able. They displayed some nice seamanship sailing a 90' speedster into St George's. That is a narrow entrance.

    In summary, three small and inexpensive bits failed and made for some embarassing news. Overall, the 90 is an amazing project. I am glad they arrived safely at their final destination after Bermuda without further issues. The captain reports that they can sit on 25 knots forever and they have not even pushed the boat yet.
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    Should be exciting when they do! In this world of increasing senseless violence though I wonder if they should market test a name change or if their perceived client base would regard this as un-macho. Fast multihull record breakers like Slingshot and Crossbow had the weapon name thing going but it is a bit of a silly image to conjure. Missile launcher? Nuke? Space Based Case? At least those other names used muscle know those sweaty things regular folk grind their winches with. Seriously these are neat boats and deserve to be regarded differently, so no suggestions like harpoon or torpedo.....
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    How about $unboat ?
  7. michael pierzga
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    I dont know the sail handling systems on Gunship. Having hydraulic pressure dependant on a main engine PTO or in anyway connected to the main engine is asking for trouble. Stored energy via batteries and a dedicated electric pump hydraulic system is the correct way to power and build duplicity into hydraulic sail systems. Its a shame that is a attempt to save battery bank and component weight, the safety of the ship is compromised.

    I assume that even the hydraulic anchor winch was disabled by this simple hydraulic system rupture.

    Year after year I see modern yachts defy logic. Year after year I see sailing yachts who can not handle sails without a diesel engine running.

    The roller furling boom mainsail hydralic systems with captive reel winches and micro prosesors used on the big boats are a maintance . operational nightmare. Talk about lightning damage !!! shiver me timbers.

    A simple failure traps the main aloft....mecanincally lowering, then controling a 30 meter, loose luffed , full batten mainsail is a challenge for a full professional crew at sea. The last time , to control the mega mess, I removed the carbon battens in three pieces with a cordless angle grinder dressed in full safety gear, as waves washed the deck bow to stern.
    At this minute Im struggling with the trouble shooting and repair of a complex ac dc hydraulic boom main furlier.

    Its means little to sit on 25 knots all day if every other month you must be flying in technicians to trouble shoot Very complex hydraulic sail systems .

    Gunship made a mistake by allowing this spec to be used on a boat that is supposed to be simple and deliver sailing excitment. .
  8. CatBuilder

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    I didn't see where it said hydraulics were run from the engine. The quote said they lost a hydraulic line elbow and emptied all the fluid out. Separately, it said they lost the high pressure lines (these are fuel supply lines) on both yanmars. I stick by my above post. Just some bugs getting worked out on a shake down.

  9. michael pierzga
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    Cat builder...the original accident report statement was....

    "The hydraulics on board failed for the master rigging, so they couldn't raise the main sail. Towards the last part of the journey both engines failed, so the vessel kept coming with the jib sail.”

    The crew of eight experienced “a catalogue of failures” on board the yacht, including oil leaks and an unresponsive anchor, while dealing with stormy conditions.

    As a professional sailor this indicates that the hydraulic system was integrated with the main engine and controlled the sailing systems. . I only know what I read, but I frequently see this setup , have sailed vessels like this and have had to physically complete long voyages by plugging a winch handle into the last remaining sail control...the manual roller on the Genoa roller furl system...not much fun.
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