Casting vs Laminating Resin

Discussion in 'Materials' started by seltzer_water, Oct 22, 2009.

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    Fanie Fanie

    Not really. With a little bit of resourcing it cannot be too hard to put together. Besides once you have it done you can always offer the service to others, and maybe make a couple of bucks offen it as well. Just note on the forum how many guys needs wooden stringers for their boats but doesn't know how to treat them.
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    I looked at your magazine plans. Taping the seams will help keep it waterproof. A little bit of extra work that will insure a better product is to make a putty by adding baby powder to the resin until it thickens into a clay like consistancy and packing it into the inside corners. this is called a fillet and the purpose here is to gently round the the inside corners. Fiberglass cloth, matte, or tape doesn't like sharp crisp edges. If you do this after the first coat of resin and then cover with tape for the next coat it will be a little nicer. A couple layers of tape and you're starting to talk cadillac here.
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    Skip the waterproofing and build a solid wood tub?

    Build it up with planks and hoops like a barrel.
    Use 5/4 x 6" redwood or cedar deck boards. Buy 8' boards so you get three pieces out of each board.

    Will take some skills learned and time but more fun and nicer than the ply box with resin splashed inside..

    Like this just smaller:


    Or just buy something like this?:

    Will cost less than the epoxy needed for the ply tub..
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    I looked around for some wine barrels but they were ridiculously expensive

    that plastic tub still looks a bit big i only need something about 1.5 feet wide 2 to 3 feet long and 2 to 3 feet tall

    how come you dont need to waterproof the plank bathtub? won't it rot?

    btw i found this resin

    the filler blend's $20 is that acceptable?
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    Dr Rot has the goop for which you're searching. Google it - you can order it shipped directly to your mother earth project center.
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    Dude, if you want to build wooden bath then Dont use any chemicals to "waterproof it".

    There are many reasons not to do this:

    - bad for your health!
    -looks bad!
    -wooden barrel expands when you put water in it, so it fills the gaps.

    Me and my friends use this kind of barrel every winter. Usually its like -15 degrees outside and we sit in the hot water drinking beer and watching football :p

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    If you make it out of wood you're killing trees. Make it out of cob (mud, sand, and straw). Any ideas on how to waterproof dirt?
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