Carolina flare fibreglass molds?

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    i am retired from deep sea commercial fishing and now buy and sell used boats and do total restorations.

    I am tired of fixing I want to build new boats. Tired of getting into a project and opening cans and cans of worms.

    I love Carolina flare hulls but where I live in the Pacific Northwest, nobody is sold on cold mold designs. It must be all fibreglass.

    Can anyone tell me why there aren’t any (or very very few) Carolina flared ALL fibreglass boats out there? Is the flare too much for a mold to release? Even though the hull mold would be a two piece mold.

    I’m considering making a cold mold hull and pulling a mold from it (with all permissions of course)

    I’m looking for someone to tell me why this might be the wrong idea.

    Can anyone connect me with Carolina molds for sale. This would save me a pile of work
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