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    There are many softwares on the market.
    This we all know.
    We all know that we may need to combin CAD packages, with hydro packages to gain the vessel we desire.

    The question is, which of these softwares best combine together to create a working solution to design a Multi Purpose Cargo vessel of approx 12000dwt?

    I think this will test one or two of us, as most people only look into small yacht design software and not into the capabilities of teh software to undertake larger vessels.

    Looking forward to your thoughts, theories and facts.
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    most of the naval architectural softwares are not differentiated according to size of the vessel. For example, Maxsurf can design a small yacht and also a big cargo vessel.
    You can differentiate these softwares for different stages of design such as initial design,Basic design, prodcution design and so on,
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