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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by BankD, Jul 18, 2007.

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    I am a Mechanical Engineer for almost 2 decades and have been a boating "hobbyist" for 30 years. I've worked in designing electronic enclosures (sheetmetal), thermal design, manufacturing engineering because that is the work that was available in the region I live in. There are just a small handful of shipyards nearby, and nobody is doing new construction in this region of the country. I've been fascinated mainly with the construction of boats since I was quite young. I love the creative process, from concept, development, and fabrication. My father was a metal worker, so I grew up working with my hands, wrenching, woodworking, machining, etc. I've built a few smallboats and am restoring a 7 ton wooden boat. Lately I've been doing a lot of work in designing/building/overhauling systems for my new diesel engine (tanks, fuel filtering system, controls, ventilation, custom exhaust etc).

    My favorite reading includes Chappelle, Gardner, Beuhler, Monk, Bolger, Colver, etc. I read "Professional Boatbuilder" and Woodenboat, as well as "Sail", Latitude38, etc. Yes, I've very technical. I am thinking of going back to school to study some Naval Architecture. My grades as an undergrad BSME are not good enough to get me into a "proper" Naval Architecture Graduate Studies degree, so I've looked at the schools that offer "Naval Design" coursework. It is not so much that I want to DESIGN boats, and much as I want to be involved in the construction/manufacturing of them.

    My practical knowledge covers mass production products, as well as small volume, high cost, high complexity electromechanical stuff. Dealing with a myriad of vendors to keep the parts and subassembly quality high and cost low has been the meat-and-potatotes of my existence. I'm guessing this translates well into the needs of a production boatyard.
    I'm currently doing Project Management where very complex and expensive machinery needs to get designed and installed in an operating factory without interrupting the production. Pipefitters, electricians, concrete and structural contractors are all 'working' for me in the various stages of prepping the building and facilty for this 3 story high multimillion dollar machine that is in itself being designed elsewhere. Lots of coordination, some design work, and keeping track of budgets is part of my daily routine. Once again, I believe all of these skills translate well into a boatyard.
    This note is mainly directed to employers who may be reading the forum. What qualities are you looking for in the engineers/ project managers you employ in your yards?

    I'm Solidworks Fluent (9 years), a "novice" with AutoCad, good with Flotherm (Computational Fluid Dynamics), got tons of machining and fabrication experience in sheetmetal, wood, plastics, ceramics, etc.
    Got any jobs?
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    open up your private message thingie please
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    Send me your resume, but the job is in Maine

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    Job in Oregon

    I saw this one on the Professional boatbuilder website under careers. There are two engineering job openings at this company. You need to go to their website to find the details. They seem to work on boats and also manufacture marine doors. I looked on the map and Oregon is apparently just north of California.

    Job Information

    Category: Engineer

    Ad Number: 179

    Date Posted: 08/31/2007

    Job Title: Design Engineer

    Job Location: Gold Beach, OR on southern Oregon coast

    Number of Openings: 1

    Job Code:

    Job Description

    Please visit our website for information on this position, our company and benefits.
    Job Criteria

    Type of Position: Full-Time Permanent

    Starting Date:

    Annual Salary and Bonus:

    Years of Experience Required: 2

    Education Required: Bachelors

    Overnight Travel: None

    Vacation Time:

    Job Benefits and Options (denoted by check marks)

    Health/Dental Benefits 401k, Retirement and/or Pension Plan Stock or Stock Options
    Paid Holidays, Vacations, and Sick Leave Life and/or Disability Insurance Flex Time
    Relocation Assistance Tuition Reimbursement Offers Sponsorship for U.S. Visa
    Casual Dress Transportation Subsidies Day Care Services
    Company Cafeteria Regular Employee Outings Other

    Company Profile and Contact Information

    Type of Company: Employer

    Company Size (# of employees): 25-99

    Company Profile: Freeman Marine outfits vessels worldwide - megayachts, sailing yachts, expedition vessels, offshore trawlers, and large sport cruisers as well as patrol and commercial boats - with the very best in watertight marine closures.

    Preferred Method of Contact: E-mail

    Contact Name: Mary Taylor

    Company: Freeman Marine Equipment



    Street Address: 28336 Hunter Creek Road

    City: Gold Beach

    State/Province: Oregon

    Zip/Postal Code: 97444

    Country: United States

    Telephone Number: 541 247 7078

    Fax Number: 541 247 6762

    E-Mail Address (to send cover letters and resumes directly):

    Company or Job Detail Web Site URL:
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