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Discussion in 'Education' started by Joeyy, Aug 2, 2010.

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    I was hoping I could get some information about a possible career in boatbuilding.

    My son, who will soon be turning 18 is considering going to Falmouth Marine school for 1 year course. I'm just trying to find out as much information as possible about the choice he's making, as we have never had any experience or been involved with boats before.

    I agree that it's a wondering skill to have, but I'm a little concerned about what opportunities are out there, especially if the industry is slow. With the woodworking experience and other skills he gains, could he possibly use them in another situations or industries? He did mention that fitting out yachts, such as cabinets or furniture is somewhere he would eventually like to head to.

    Any info would be great as this is all new to me.

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    There is a fair amount of competition for the jobs. Fresh out of school, he will be an apprentice. Unfortunately, few apprentices are willing to work for little or nothing to gain experience. When employers hire them, they train to do a particular job. It is difficult to pay for someone to learn. My experience with schools is that they are rather unrealistic about the workplace. For example, they teach you to do a scarf and allow you a couple of weeks to work on it. At a shop, that would pay maybe 40.00. The fitting out of yachts is done by specialized crews. Cabinetry and furniture is one of the specialties. Yachts, nowadays are small ships. If he is dreaming about some past romantic times, they never existed. The environment is more like a factory. I have about fourteen different trades related to boats and other things. That is what gets me jobs. However, I worked a lot for free to learn.
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    There are many good small boat yards out there, you just need to look harder these days. Plenty on the isle of wight...a good example is South Boats. They take and train newbbies too.
    Also try plymouth and Lowestoft regions too.

    Would be best if he approaches one of these yards and they should enrole him, day release or better, for college training, or he can request it.. There are few good quality tradesmen out there many are going back to the apprentice route to build up from sratch, like the "old days".
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