carby or fuel injection

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by ajbale, May 20, 2007.

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    you will find a lot of us on here enjoy working on our boats. i don't think we need to work on our carbys around the clock though. tbi is not a great step up from a carby anyway, i like efi to but i have carbys, have had on every boat and apart from a 115 merc i have never had trouble. as far as your boat goes, i would say it was never tuned or adjusted correctly, better to blame the carb than the incompetents working on it i suppose.
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    To each his own, I just can't see going to the expense of adding electronics when my boat runs fine with little effort. My 4.3 idles and shifts without stalling at about 500-550 rpms, I like the reduced noise and stress on my electric shift outdrive. Yea, that's right, I have an OMC electric shift, I can rebuild that also. What I can't rebuild is a ecm that craps out because of a lazy foriegn worker that didn't build it properly, or an electric fuel pump that decides to stop pumping out of the blue. We did four of those puppies in the shop this week and those cars engines were never near salt water. I'm not sure the discussion needs the sarcasm in order to make a point though but if it makes one feel better to bolster his position by putting down others, oh well.
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    do common rail boat fuel injection recycle fuel back to the tank like on cars?

    I toyed with the idea of making it fuel injected, mostly for easy starting, but not worth the price.

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    No USCG rules prevent fuel return on petrol/gas
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