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    hi all,
    i have a design by a NA, for masts, spars and booms for my cat schooner build.
    all dimensions and layup are there.
    where can i find a manufacturer to build said mast's etc in carbon
    i would assume one that is prepared to take on the one off build.

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    These guys have made nice masts for me, a freestanding very stiff mast for a standing lug rig (14” bury, ~20’ long) , a bipod strut setup, 20’ long, bipod at about 5’, for a dipping lug proa, and a rotating wing mast folding Gunter rig, 30’ long, with boom. Beautiful craftsmanship, easy to deal with, smart, and creative. Don’t know if they ship to Canada, but a phone call wouldn’t hurt….

    (I might be willing to part with the twenty foot freestanding mast- it was intended for a Goat Island Skiff type rig on a 16 foot sailing canoe with two 4’ hiking wings, with a lot of downhaul to deal with sail twist control, so the thing is very stiff, no taper, about 20 pounds, barely used since a move happened right in the middle of things, and sailing priorities changed)

    Forte Carbon Fiber Products | Mast Section Diagrams
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