Carbon fiber and antifouling paint

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Carbon Cat, Nov 1, 2021.

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    It seems that the underlying carbon fiber in epoxy might be causing electrolysis when an insufficient barrier coat causes the copper based antifouling paint to bubble off. In areas where hull fairing compound was used the are no dis-adhesion problems. My guess is is the carbon reacts with the copper when submerged in salt water. Basically the paint bubbles off from the epoxy barrier coat. The barrier and paint were applied by pros with instruction for the paint mfg. I am very aware of the corrosion carbon can produce and respect it. The plan going forward is to remove the antifoul and build out some “insulation” with sealer, barrier, awlfair and more barrier.

    Any thoughts?

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    Welcome to the Forum Carbon Cat.

    I am not an expert on carbon construction, but what you propose above sounds quite logical and sensible to me.

    I shall tag @rxcomposite and I am sure that he can give you some good advice here.

    How big / what type of carbon cat do you have?
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    Welcome to the group

    Spot on exactly.

    Proceed as planned.

    Be wary of any attempt to fair.
    Do NOT sand after the barrier coat! This is what started your problem.

    Each time the bottom is repainted you will have to ensure sufficient barrier coat or you will repeat.

    Good luck
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    57’ - so it’s a big job!
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