Capturing offsets from prototype (Freeship import?)

Discussion in 'Software' started by JosephT, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Hello, a friend of mine has built a prototype canoe and he would like to capture the offsets. What are some low cost ways of doing this? We would like to import the hull offsets into Freeship and tweak the hull a bit.

    I have explored doing laser scans, etc., but they are a bit expensive. If any ship building measure/transfer tools or alternate methods are available perhaps those would do the job. We would like to capture the data on a spreadsheet or input file, then import into Freeship (or another tool).

    I realize manually measuring a hull is open to human error. We can work around that with diligent recording & fixing mistakes manually.


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    Wooden Boat #210 on the news stand now, on page 72 they describe a simple method for taking points off a small boat. If you then transfer these points to a sheet and measure from a base line and the center line you will have your points, then you will have to enter them into the 3D software.
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