Capsize Prevention Devices

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by brian eiland, Jan 16, 2012.

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    I'm not sure of what exactly is inside the 'brains' (detection system) of the UpSideUp device, but I assume it is some sort of arrangement of accelerometers combined with level detection that would sense the boat's attitude,...thus knowledge of all the various sea states might not have to be know, just how the boat is reacting and if it is in danger.

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    Does anybody know about the prizes for such a system ? What are the total costs (inclusive installation, maintenance, software update etc. ....) ?

    I'd estimate the total costs around 8-10,000 Euros for hardware, electric system, installation, programming, regularly maintenance, updating.

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    Detecting the motion/level of the vessel is trivial, any smartphone or flight controller can do that. The real problem is the response to that information. Sheet release is frequently not the best response to save the vessel from capsize, depending on heading, gust magnitude, and seastate, as we've seen recently with the TJV. A proper system needs to include this information (easy to measure) and what to do with it (not so easy to implement!).
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