Canvasmaker/sail repair

Discussion in 'Education' started by David Clark, Apr 12, 2012.

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    In 1976 I paid a old guy $12,000 to teach me HOW TO for a year. I am now 36 years in to it and have done the same for 5 others over the years. Now I need a couple of extra hands in the shop. So if there is someone out there looking to learn a trade for a year and go off on there owen or possiably stay on board give me a call for details. Its not like boat building, its clean and in the highist demanding job in the marine buiss. Plus all you need is sewing machine,a one car garage and a thousand dollers for hand tool and your in buiss after a year with me.
    David 401-294-3939
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    This is a very interesting proposal
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    Mr Clark is correct.

    Its very hard to find high quality marine canvas work.

    I recently paid 3000 euros for a cockpit enclosure that took three re cuts and two months to deliver. The bonehead who built it used a pencil instead of chalk to mark the window cutouts and these pencil lines are clearly visable.

    The original cockpit enclosure was completed in one week by a professional in the Netherlands.

  4. David Clark
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    Canvas Shop/Sail Loft

    Well its been a while since I made this post, I am still willing to train someone to go off on there owen. But I am also looking to sell the sail loft/canvas shop. I am now a service loft for UK Sailmakers. The last 2 years have been the most demanding and I have 3 workers and still needing some one to help with the fitting and install of the dodgers and canvas. I am booking work for September of this year all ready and I only get half the jobs I quote. I am willing to stay on with some for 4 years to train.(I would like to retire at 62). This is a great opportunity for some to work and play in a great boating area.
    This makes a great husband and wife buissness as well.
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