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    I sold my business 5 years ago located at Safe Harbors Wickford Cove Marina in RI 02852.
    The person I sold it to moved out of one of the best marinas on Narraganset Bay. The marina wants to have a full time shop to service it's customers. I started at the age of 21 and have made my living sewing boat tops,cushions and sails. Now back out of retirement at 65 and tasked to find a person that would take over this shop. I am willing to train and over see for the next few years a person or couple who would like to work on sail boats and power boats in a clean money making life style. Within 30 days of me hanging my sign back out I have booked over a 100k in jobs and they are ALL IN THE MARINA WHERE THE SHOP IS. This is a year round Business, I work on Sails and make new in the winter months.
    There is also the option to take over my boat with the shop a 1955 Hinckley Cutter 41' which is all ready for the Mystic Boat Show this June.

    If you or know of someone looking for a great trade call and lets talk.

    David E. Clark Canvasbacks
    65B Reynolds Street
    North Kingstown RI 02852
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