Canting keel delamitation

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by escar99, Nov 9, 2011.

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    I am actually carrying out a technical report of a canting keel -from an old IMOCA 60 that changed the keel on 2003- which appears to have some interior defects.
    I has been seen -through an ultrasound test- that the keel suffers some kind of delamitation.
    The problem has been localised in two different small places -20 to 40mm- along the keel; having no connection between them, and far from the tipical critic places of those type of apendixs -articulation zone, or bulb connection-.

    I would be intrested on any coment related or book where I may find relevant information.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Doug Lord
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    It seems to me that if this analysis is for a boat that is being used or will soon be used that you would want it done by an expert of the highest caliber-both a boatbuilder and naval architect/marine engineer. This is NOT something to be done from a book or by an inexperienced ,non-expert. There could be critical issues here that might affect the lives of the crew.
    Canting keels should not be messed with by the inexperienced!!
  3. gonzo
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    Getting the original design specifications would be ideal. Otherwise, you can cut a core sample to see what kind of damage you have. It will also tell you if there is any water intrusion.
  4. bertho
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    bertho bertho

    Personnaly I will never cross ocean with a canting keel.. and don't even go onboard if any suspected defect , is no repair possible on that part.. and taking the risk to repair will be almost said doug.
    punisment will be capsize the boat at 99% chance..
    change it !
    best regards
  5. michael pierzga
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    With so many composite and cant keelers around these days It will be interesting to know your final conclusion concerning the keel. Its my understanding that ultrasound and visual inspection can only identify dis bonding in the laminate ,not the failure of the fibers. Perhaps you should consult with composite engineers like SP SYSTEMS or specialists involved with turbine and helicopter blades.

  6. gonzo
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    Ultrasound also may not be able tell clearly between delamination and manufacturing voids.
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