Can't remove OMC cobra drive's HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by burt2, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. burt2
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    burt2 Junior Member

    I'm preparing to remove the 1989 OMC Cobra V6's and legs so I can start laminating and cleaning up in the engine bay for a single Volvo conversion but I’ve struck a problem removing the old drives.

    I’ve unbolted the six bolts on the upper unit and thought it would just slide off but it only move back a few mm (about 1/8 of an inch for you Americans, when are you going to get with the rest of the world jez) and after levering it a little I have got about and inch gap but that’s all I can move it. Its feels like im stretching or bending something because it wants to spring back, I think the drive shaft is rusted solid into the spine and im stretching back the flex plate but im not familiar with these drives.

    The engines are badly corroded and probably only good as sea anchors but the drives appear in good order and I would like to save and sell them if I can.

    Please help am i missing something simple
  2. burt2
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    burt2 Junior Member

    Wow no replies, well today I got the gas out and near fried the rubber coupling, but then with a hydraulic jack between the bob tale and the transom shield she finally popped, OMC nil me one.

    Does any one want some seized OMC king cobra 4.3L V6's, im sure you could chain them together and they would make a great swing mooring :)

    I removed the motors with an old FORD 5000 Tractor and front end loader was a little hairy but im from New Zealand and that’s how we do things round here.

    I look forward to getting into the laminating now ill have to post some photo's and ideas for the new engine bearers, hopefully its easier than removing the god dam V6's.
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    cirrus142 New Member

    I just did this today... you have to drop the stern drive down so that the shaft comes out straight. else it binds up..
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