Can't Find 70' motoryacht I Like (Long Post)

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by lwrandall, Sep 13, 2004.

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    lwrandall New Member

    I have been looking for quite some time for a motoryacht in the 65'-70' range. I have looked at production boats (Carver Marquis 65, Azimut, Ferretti) and some semi production (Cheoy Lee, Horizon, Hargrave) but can't find one thats meets my needs. I am starting to think I might need to go custom. The problem is I can't find any design sketches to look at. My basic needs are a 65'-70' made of fiberglass, but I will consider aluminum, about 18'-20' beam, 3 staterooms, 2-3 heads, speed 24kts+, Euro/American style not as Euro as a Ferretti but not as American as a Marlow/Grand Banks/Alaskan. Something stylish but will not look out of style in 3 years. Flybridge storage for tender and a jet ski(if possible). Walk around sidedeck with flybridge overhang for side deck and saloon shade. Transom door entrance to engine room/lazzarette and side deck access from pilothouse.
    Also, are their any builders (North American or Oversees) who would take on a "small" project like this. Sorry for the long post I am trying to be thorough. Post any suggestions of designs and/or builders who could help me.
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    Tad Boat Designer

    Well, you've hit the mother lode of wanbee yacht designers, so you should have lots of replies in the next week.

    You cannot find sketches because many designers are worried that others will copy their work. So most publish photographs. A custom boat means that it does not yet exist, therefore you need to employ a designer to draw the boat you are after. This may not happen on your first go round.

    Custom glass means a fortune in tooling unless you can find an existing tool, at least for the hull, and build a custom deck & house. Talk to designers like Tom Fexas, Mike Peters, Edwin Monk Jr., and Jack Sarin. Contact info is in the directory on this site. They have much experience with custom or semi-custom boats of this size. I believe Lyman-Morse in Maine have a Ward Setzer designed tool about this size. Also call C. Raymond Hunt in Boston. All these designers have a few builders that they work with, and they will know about existing tooling.

    Best of luck, Tad
  3. lwrandall
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    lwrandall New Member


    Thank you for your suggestion. Do you know where I would find the Designers you suggested on this Board. I look in Designers but did not see them. Your thoughts concerning Glass make sense to me. That did not occur to me. Is building in aluminum expensive? I heard that aluminum has high maintenance cost. But probably not as high as mold cost for a glass boat.
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    According to Smith and Greene, (both books on fiberglass boat building) the costs for aluminum are generally comparable, especially for one-off boats. At our shipyard, aluminum boats were generally built for substanially lower prices than our competitor's FRP boats - though these were workboats. We generally built a 70-80' pilot boat or ferry for ~ 700K (1990). The use of Computer Numeric Cutting has substantially reduced the cost of metal boats.

    You can also explore owner contracting for such a boat. This is essentially being your own shipyard and using subcontractors to build it. This is rare for yachts, but common for small commercial craft. Finally, there is an awful lot of money to be made in this size range. You may consider going into business (thus your boat is a deductible business expense) if you think that there is enough market in this to get a few boats a year out.
  5. Tad
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    Tad Boat Designer


    Here are a few,

    Aluminum yacht builder

    Well, it has reduced the cost of the metal part of the boat, but that amounts to a very small percentage of the overall cost of a yacht.

    I would say that suggesting someone who can't find a yacht designer should start a boatbuilding company would be a poor idea. For most people, their first custom project is stressful, financially disastrous, and not something they would ever consider doing again. They hope to save money by contracting the project themselves; usually they end up with a worthless boat, if they ever get it finished. Find honest, experienced professionals, pay what it costs, and get a great boat.

    All the best, Tad
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    For most boats the shell is only 15% -20% of the total cost , machinery may match that, depending on simplicity or insanity.

    Used equippment works very well IF it comes from the commercial , rather than the yacht parts pile.
    Work boats, War boats can be expected to do 24/7 weeks or months on end.
    Most yachts are delighted to see 200 hours a year.

    The level of interior fit and finish will be the big man hour eater.

    With full plans a competant yard can duplicate somthing different , if its VERY similar to what they did before.

    If you can live with painted ply , interior costs can be reasonable ,
    if you need a Teak toilet and marble shower with fine inlays & carvings ,a few more payments will be needed.

    "Style" also plays a huge portion of interior costs.
    Can you live workboat style with a wiring harness or pipe set showing?& just painted?

    Or does everything have to be hidden?

    The difference between a std 70ft boat work boat style can easily be 1/2 or 1/4 the cost of "Yachting".
    Priced 10,000BF of teak in the US lately?

  7. dvgale
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    dvgale Boats_4_People

    More money -- more choices

    Of course, part of the beauty of a custom build is the option to pick and choose just what you are willing to lavish your money on and what you'd rather leave out. For example, you can specify a high level of interior trim while at the same time leaving out expensive furnishings, home theaters and other accessories so often seen on boat-show yachts if you don't feel you need them. Not to mention getting just as many berths as you want; I'm sure you've seen plenty of production models in that size range with more bunks than you need and lacking in other attributes.

    Don Gale
    South Salem, NY
  8. Nick
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    Nick Junior Member

    Hi, I am designer working for a private boat yard(located in Turkey). We generally built steel boats but we can also make wooden laminated or fiberglass. My name is Erkin and please feel free to contact me. I am sure we can find a good solution to your boat idea. We are working as 3 engineers and an architect in our boat yard. I mean we are both designing and producing boats which I think is the best for a costumer , because you can find a good designer but may be the boatyard you find will not be good enough to follow his plans or a good boatyard and a bad designer. In our boatyard you describe your boat then we offer you alternatives that we start with your ideas. In the end the boat will be the best boat that exactly fit your ideas.

    My e-mail is
  9. Eric Sponberg
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    Eric Sponberg Senior Member

    I W Randall,

    Have you looked at the Moloka'i Strait motoryachts? I am the naval architect for the design series. We have 5 sizes at 58', 60' 68' (formerly 65'), 75' (formerly 72') and 85'. They are built here in St. Augustine, FL, and sold through the sales office in Annapolis, MD, very near to you. You can see the 65 and 72 on my website at Contact me first, and I can put you in touch with the sales office. These are expeditionary motoryachts built in steel and aluminum, and they have all the features you listed.


    Tel: (904) 460-9494
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    dogers New Member

    i have one it needs cleaning up
  11. CHK

    CHK Guest

    look at Neptunus in Canada
  12. lwrandall
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    lwrandall New Member


    I have looked at the Neptunus. If you have seen the pictures of the pilothouse the throttle controls are very awkwardly placed. Its hard to describe the placement. Also I am looking for the flybridge to overhang the side deck and the Neptunus does not do that. Thanks for your suggestion.
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    Since you have very definate opinions of how your boat will be semi custom or full custom should be best.

    DELTA in the Pacific NW has a large line of GRP hulls in different styles (how fast you want to go ) and is capable of good finishing work.

    You should start with a list of Need to haves , then Nice to haves and visit a naval arch THAT DOES BOATS YOU REALLY LIKE , and see how many of your concepts can be put to use on a single vessel.

  14. garciaboat
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    garciaboat president

    President Ver-Mar Inc

    We have a 56'2" fiberglass hull mold that has a beam of 20'6" and an overall height of 13'. I have been the last decade out of the states and have not casted many parts out of this mold.Three weeks ago we pulled hull number 3. We are presently tooling a mold for a yatch superstructure for above hull. Historically we sold boat kits in different stage of completion to the fishing industry as well as the diving industry and sports fisherman.
    Please let me know if our product interests you.
    Sincerely yours
    Bert Garcia

  15. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Clearly, you need a custom design. The costs of a custom design are but a fraction of the dollars necessary for a project of this displacement range. With the refined ideas and needs you've stated, I'm sure just the tip of the iceberg, only a design with everything you desire aboard as hashed out with the designer and builder will satisfy you.

    There are around 500-600 professional yacht designers who actually make a living just drawing up boats in this country and thousands of others that have a day job. I'd strongly recommend you find one, who's style and attitude you like and place a deposit on your dream.
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