Cant do frame openings in maxsurf?

Discussion in 'Software' started by groper, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Hi there, im new to maxsurf... ive read all the manuals on the subject and searched far and wide... yet still i cant seem to get the simple frame openings to work when using workshop pro to insert bulkheads with openings or web stiffeners...

    There is probably little thing im not doing correctly, but i just cant fid what it is... The only frame opening command i can get to work is the "variable depth web opening", all the others such as simple circle or hatch are no-go...

    So heres what happens;

    I select a station and add new frame, i assign the properties and add an opening to the frame etc. The bulkhead outline shows up in blue and the frame is created but without the opening included, its just a bulkhead. I do the exact same using the variable depth opening, and it works fine, i can see the cutout of the bulkhead and a web frame is created...

    What am i not doing correctly here? Any suggestions?
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    formsys formsys

    What values are you using the the web depth? Also for the other types of openings, remember everything is relative to your zero point. Send your design through to support and we can spot the problem in about 2 mins.
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