Can you paint an exterior acrylic oil based paint over interlux brightside

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by mariobrothers88, Feb 19, 2022.

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    What is your planned application technique. Spray - roll-brush-tip etc.

    I can attest to amershield's quality.
    It is yacht worthy.

    It is best sprayed as it is a bit temperamental.

    A complete neat coat of epoxy will suffice as a primer. Do not paint directly over any fairing compounds. It will cure to inconsistent sheens. Two coats of Amerishield should suffice.
    However, because of its quirkiness you might have visual defects in the first coat that need to be sanded out. So plan on three coats.

    Pre-wash surfaces with alcohol not acetone.
    Many brands of tack-rags will cause it to fish eye. Use only urethane rated tacks with very little pressure. Ask an auto painter which local brand is best.
    Low temperature and / or high humidity can cause fish eyes.
    Follow the recommended temperature related re-coat times. And be mindful of the full cure time. It is easily scratched until fully cured.
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    If you are going to paint often keep a log each time you paint of your finishing process:

    1. Viscosity, with a viscosity cup in seconds. example for spray #4 cup 24/26 seconds, this will give you the smallest size particle for spraying or whatever works best for surface flow for brushing.
    2. It's thickness, with wet film thickness gauge comb. Some finishes have a maximum build. You will need to know the percentage of solids by volume of paint after it has dried. Say 33% solids by volume at 4 mils thick wet, will be 1.33 mils dried. 3 coats will be 4 mill after drying.
    3. The humidity as well as room temperature and the paint or finish temperature.
    4. Time of day and was it sunny cloudy.
    5. And your mood for the next three days after painting. Your paint respirator mask has no gauge on it to tell you if it is working or not. (If you smell paint with your respirator on it is not working) A Supplied Air Fed Respirator System would be best.
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    Thank you everyone for all the helpful replies!!!

    Can I use this epoxy primer and paint mix to prime for interlux brightside or should I stick with epoxy resin? I know they make interlux prekote but I'm unable to find it locally.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide I really appreciate it.
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    So, epoxy alone goes on thicker than epoxy paint. It all comes down to finish goals, but say epoxy is 2 times thicker than just the paint. About 2 oz of resin covers a square yard is 3.61 cuin divided by 1296 sqin is about 0.003". This is 3 mils. So, if the paint dries at say 2 mils; you can build a finish up faster with neat epoxy. Then you sand the epoxy to a flat finish say 120-180 grit and paint and sand the paint to a higher grit like 150-220, and then final paint. All depends how nice you want it to look is all.

    You have to be a bit careful neatcoating resin because thicker can result in runs..

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    DO NOT mix epoxy and paint!
    First epoxy then primer then paint.

    Epoxy as primer is OK.
    Primer is usually easier to get a perfect surface than pure epoxy.

    The purpose of priming is to provide a uniform substrate for paint. Paint applied directly over different materials frequently dries splotchy.
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