Can you help me find my designer?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Harrible, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Harrible
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    Harrible New Member

    I have a rediscovered a long lost set of plans that I purchased 30+ years ago from designer Frederick W. Bates of Damariscotta, Maine. The plans are for "Pogo", a simple and elegant Down-East designed 23' utility/fisherman version of Maine's famed lobster boats. The plans are all intact and detailed from lines/offsets to mechanical details, but somewhat faded, etc.

    I would like to contact Mr. Bates or progeny to see if plans/help are still available, and to communicate with others with an interest in Pogo; at least several hundred sets were sold worldwide. I have exhausted the usual Web search sites, Google, Switchboard, et. al. and have emailed Damariscotta's Chamber of Commerce. No luck thus far.

    Can anyone offer ideas or suggestions? Much thanks in advance,

    Harry H.
  2. Craig_Hastie
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    Craig_Hastie Junior Member

    Frederick W Bates

    Hi, you could try I searched it and found a match for this particular gentleman. Perhaps you may be able to contact surviving relatives once you have established who they are.

    Craig Hastie
  3. Harrible
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    Harrible New Member

    I'll try to chase it down...

    Thanks Craig..

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    Hello Harry, I read your article on Pogo in the July / August 2017 issue of WoodenBoat. A great story! And wonderful photos. I hope that you and your family are enjoying her. I’m with a group of guys building Sambro Flats - a traditional Nova Scotia - trap skiff. There are four of us with one boat built and two on the strongbacks as I write this. I have chosen to build a boat similar to yours for use in the cove here. Is it still possible to get plans for Pogo. I would appreciate any input you have. Regards, Bill, Long Cove, West Pennant, NS
  5. Dan A.
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    I know nothing about “if plans/help are still available”. Sorry.

    I built a Pogo in the late 1970s following the plans closely. I commercial lobstered her for five seasons on Long Island Sound. She was a terrific boat. She’d make a good day boat for a family with her open decks and seakeeping ability. I highly recommend her.
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  7. fallguy
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    If it was featured in a magazine. I may have the magazine.

    let me know the issue and I will look for you
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