Can you change the rotation of a velvet drive?

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by az426hemi, Aug 27, 2014.

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    I am building a 360 for my Correct Craft and I want to change the rotation of the engine to standard like in a car. I do not know where to get a reverse rotation performance cam for a Chrysler small block.

    What will it take to change the Velvet drive 71C? Does it require modifications or will I have to get a standard rotation unit?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    All the major cam cutters supply reverse rotation marine cams (Crane, Comp, Isky, Elgin, etc.) in stock, performance and custom grinds. Make sure you get the right gear for a CCW engine so you don't eat distrubutors.

    Call Bob Madara at Marine Kinetics (585/654-8583), he'll hook you up.
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    On the 71c you just rotate the pump cover on the front for left or right rotation. IT has arrows and instructions cast on the cover.

  4. whitepointer23

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    If you put the 360 back to standard you need to turn the pistons as well.
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