Can you buy aluminum hulls

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by bird-n-buck, Jan 29, 2016.

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    bird-n-buck New Member

    Saw some pictures of a 22' boat that the guys told me they bought the hull bottom and sides preformed and welded it together and finished the boat out on their own. Anyone have any info on the availability of aluminum hulls.
  2. Mr Efficiency
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    Google "aluminum boat kits" and see what you get. Brings up a lot this side of the world. But you need to be better than a home handyman to reliably weld alloy.
  3. Barry
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    Try Outlaw Marine in Red Deer Alberta Canada. They used to sell kits such as you mentioned. While the shipping would be awkward the $1 US to $1.40 Canadian dollar exchange might make it worthwile
  4. Northeaster
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    WIHOYT New Member

    I been eyeing up they havecwgat your looking for

  6. Bill G.
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    Can you buy aluminum hull

    the simple answer is yes, But like everything that has to do with boating it would really depend on what level of completion you would like. If you just get a hull and need to complete the decks and superstructure your going to need most of the equipment that it would take to build the hull so you what are you getting by buying a hull? If you want to buy the complete boat and just outfit it due to lack of equipment or experience then I'm sure most aluminum boat builders or even a fab shop could complete the welding for you.
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