Can someone tell me what type of boat this is?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by kazz, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. kazz
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    kazz Junior Member

    as a first glance judging from the pictures i posted what are your concerns?
  2. bajansailor
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    As Par has suggested, that crack in the hull / keel joint looks rather ominous...... deffo worth checking keel bolts.
    If she has been in the water for the past 4 years the hull might have high moisture readings - can you borrow a moisture meter? Or are there any signs of osmosis blisters?
    You mentioned that the interior is pristine, which is a good +ve point in her favour.
    What about the sails?
    Looks like the previous owner had started stripping off the old teak deck - it would be worth taking it all off, epoxying it, and then painting it with a non skid finish (please dont put teak back on it!)
    And it looks like you still have to fabricate a new rudder.....
    If you can get her for a veritable song, then she should be worth going for.
    But even the cost of materials required to do all the basic repairs will still be significant.

    And there are so many other boats in much better condition going for songs as well - eg this Tartan 34 listed with Dynamite Marine :
  3. kazz
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    kazz Junior Member

    thanks so much , uve been a lot of help. and yh she does have blisters, the price listed is 5k obo is that good?

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  4. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    If you have to ask if the price is a good one, this is a great indication of the need for a survey.

    Unless you have lots of experience with repairing and restoring older 'glass yachts, you'd be best advised, to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, of this yacht.
  5. Speedfire
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    Finnfire 33

    It is Finnish made sailingboat "Finnfire 33". Strongly build. I can tell more about the boat if u want.

  6. Canracer
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    Buy for 5k then sink 25K more into it, and you will have a nice $15,000 boat. The work alone could add up to years.

    $5,000 is way to much. It has no rudder and the keel has essentially fallen off. The prop and drive are worse than junk, and the deck is not complete (no deck.)

    This is probably the tip of the repair iceberg. Does the yard even have a clear title?

    Lets consider it:

    Maybe $1,700 for the boat. $3,000 for new keel bolts and a reattach job. $4,000 for engine parts and repairs. $3,000 for a new rudder. $2,000 to strip deck and repaint. $3,000 for some sails (used.) And $6,000 for rig repairs and a couple navigation instruments (just to get sailing.)

    Forgot blister repair and new bottom paint. Let's round it all up to $29,000. Probably not to bad if it really does have some strong points.
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