Can one live with a dented mast

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by daveyd, Feb 6, 2010.

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    I am considering buying a Catalina 30 mast that had a run-in with a bridge when the boat lost power and the current took it under the bridge. The boat was pushed way over and the mast bumped it's way under the bridge but the mast did not come down.
    The mast head fitting is cracked but can be replaced.
    There are two small creases on the side of the mast about 3 inches long by under 1/4" deep about 3 feet down from the masthead fitting.
    I could could cut a mini-sleeve and poprivit it under the dents or leave it and live with it.

    Given the small size of the damage, I am looking for recommendations

    Thanks for any input
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    Masts are usually much stronger at their ends than necessary due to the economy of a constant sectional dimension throughout the length.
    You will notice that wooden masts always taper.
    I'd show the damage to a good spar or rigging pro, but it's likely that the damage hasn't too badly comprimised the spar.
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