can it work?? dream at stake here...

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by tugboat, Dec 5, 2012.

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    sorry sam sam the boat was 26 ft- but i scaled it to 24 ft around a factor 8%.

    the beam was 10 ft- now 9 ft.
    the boat is frp, and has a depth of about 2 ft below the dwl. the core is 3/4 to 1 inch thick- its a steam design. but ill run a small diesel geared 4.25 : 1
    till i get the funds together for a steam outfit.
    yes four layers triax each side. I might go with csm and 24 oz roving.

    the finished product cant be shown-its not built yet.

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  2. tugboat

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    Hey--Im pretty happy about a solution that i stumbled on today- I messed around with some curve networks on the hull and lo and behold- i managed to get this hull(with the help of a superb draftsman i know...)

    This hull is 24 ft x 9 and i scaled the superstructure-

    but the beauty is -for the most part i solved the complex curves fact this could be done in steel...but ill stick with the frp for reasons to do with my back...
    this makes it easy to plank with the thick core..since even the 1" core is quite flexible and should conform easily to the slight compound curves. no worrying about the forming of tight radii like the last design!--its a break through for me! looks like i got it solved-- see the new hull attached...

    looks like i finally got it right...(p.s. dont try to change my mind..:p;)) below is the new hull

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  3. tugboat

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    got it right...

    here it is at the stern

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    They tried fancy 'technology' on me. That is why I deteriorated .... I do not like death by experimental medicine, 'iatrogenesis.'


    You are a LONG way from the wheel chair. QUIT overdoing your back, and you could easily live the rest of your life without pain .... and pain is the easiest to live with. Some other side effects really are a pain.


    Like the tug boat. What will you be pulling?
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    No wonder. You don't live in South Africa where the standard is very high. I am not a South African , thus I can objective make that statement. Although a lot of good RSA doctors have emigrated to Canada.

    True, but he should change his house doctor. That person should have told him a long time ago what the consequences are of prolonged clamping of nerves and should have prescribed him MSM or/and joint alignment natural medicine.

    Yes it is a cute 24 feeter. Love to see it, when it is ready to get the bottle of champagne bashed against its bow. Bert
  6. tugboat

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    Sound advice El-Guero-this is why frp has to be the choice...i still feel a pull to do steel but my head knows what my heart doesnt want to accept...

    the tug is a pleasure tug but will pull the occasional yacht , but mostly tow a small houseboat once a year to my wintering grounds...

  7. tugboat

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    Bert thanks--i like it too-
    ill make sure you are the one of the first to get pics..

    i have to agree with you-- I think my doctor downplays it alot..i am not sure why i think its because we are so short of dr's here that they just rush us in and out of the office as fast as a production line...
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