can anyone tell me what this boat is modeled after

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Boston, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    hey I was digging through the internet and saw this small sloop
    given that the skiff is about 7 feet
    Ild say the sloop is about 25 feet
    question is
    what old yacht was it modeled after
    the hull looks like a scale replica to me
    any ideas kids

  2. Hansen Aerosprt
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    Hansen Aerosprt Junior Member

    Looks like a Tumlaren or Sq-M Skerry cruiser to me...
  3. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    Looks like... beautiful to me. :)
  4. RHP
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    RHP Senior Member

    Both the yacht and background look Nordic so maybe HansenĀ“s suggestions are not a million miles away.
  5. TeddyDiver
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    TeddyDiver Gollywobbler The page is written in finnish but measurements and pictures tell enough. Hai in the article is the most popular type of pelargic cruiser in Finland (there are other quite similar designs like this). There's a lot of them around even nowadays and the size is really original so no miniaturization. Tumlaren is a bit more rounded esp in the stern, a step towards folkboat maybe..
  6. diwebb
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    diwebb Senior Member

    length appears to be more like 32 to 35 feet based on the length of the outboard. Definitely not a Tumlaren, they are double enders. More likely a Skerry or square meter class.
  7. terhohalme
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    terhohalme BEng Boat Technology

    Looks like 6mr class boat to me. International six metre or similar...
    Many of them were (are) popular cruising boats here in Scandinavia.
  8. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    This boat reminds me a lots of "Tre Sang", a swedish 30 Square Metres yacht built in 1934 and bought in 1945 by col. H.G. Hasler, who made her became famous after winning a number of RORC regattas in 1946 as one of the lightest (if not the lightest) ocean racers of that period.
    Tre Sang had 8.28 meters (27' 2") LWL, 13.15 meters (43' 2") LOA, meters (7' 2") beam, 2800 kg of displacement. So the length you have estimated grossly correspond to that of 30 SM class yachts, and so does the hull form.

    There's a nice pdf file at this site: with some great photos of 30 Square Metres class yachts.
    Definitely very, very beautiful boats! :)

    At the same site there's a page dedicated to Tre Sang: . Unfortunately it is in german which I don't speak... :(
    I would really be grateful if someone translated it, even if only the most important parts of the text. I think there's always much to learn from the stories about successful historical yachts. ;)
  9. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    not a Tumlaren as the Tumlaren is a double ender
    although its definitely a knockabout
    but I think you hit the nail on the head with the Skerry Cruiser
    I knew someone round here would know what that thing was

    now to go find some prints and check em out
    any one own one and want to give me a critique it

  10. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    thanks Ted
    much appreciated
  11. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    thanks Terh
    ever sailed one

    looks to me like they would be a nice comfortable cruiser
  12. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    yes, I also have an affinity for a more traditional approach
    and find not just an intrinsic aesthetic value in the design
    but an appreciation that after so many years
    like the friendships sloops and the pilot schooners of the east coast
    they are still popular sailors
    among a people who value good sailing
  13. Splash Gordon
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    Splash Gordon Junior Member

    I'd venture a Square Metre class- looks like Knud Reimers' work, but probably an Estlander design. Maybe a 15 or possibly a 22, They're beautiful in sheltered water. Evilly quick, and they point like a tourist. Downwind they'd probably carry a silly little spinaker, and they are a little rolly, but IMHO not as bad as an IOR boat.
    Did I say they are the only class of non-combative submarine to be fitted with a mast? They're unspeakably wet on the pointy end, too!
    You have to beat them gently in a lumpy sea: we used to race the 30's out here in Springbok-land in our Lipton Cup until the late 70's, and in Durban's northeaster they'd be in the yard for new frames after the regatta!
    PM me if you want to get hold of Mr 30 Square Metre- he has prepared the definitive work on the 30 class, and he'd gladly help you if you'd like to know more.
  14. rfnk
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    rfnk Junior Member

    Not a Knarr is it? I've never actually seen a Knarr but I imagine one looks a bit like this.

  15. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    Ive been looking for a project and that boat is kinda calling me out
    that narrow beam makes it trailerable and it does have great lines
    its not to heavy
    and looks like a dream to sail
    what Ild love to find is some study plans
    and Im sure MR 30's work will be very helpful
    whats the name of his book
    and Ill see if I can find one round here somewhere

    Ild probably build it a little heavy any way
    but the tip about week frames is greatly appreciated
    as far as it being a floating submarine
    thats sailing
    your all going in the water
    you just dont always know when
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