Can Anyone recommend a battery charger?

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by justinDesign, Oct 29, 2007.

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    I am looking for a battery charger for two 12 volt marine batteries that can use both 120 electrical outlet power and solar power to recharge the batteries any suggestions?
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    so really you mean input vac, 120? google up smartcharger, does any input vac, and frequency, and can adjust for lead acid or gel(they bulk at different rates)
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    Practical Sailor has any of their complete test reports on line for a small fee.

    Google them , the info is worth the few bucks.

    AVOID "ferroresonant" (older Guest) and other cheap crap, which has killed more batts than they have charged



    You need a DC/Dc regulator and AC/DC Rectifier

    If your going to use both Solar panels and AC shore power or from a Generator you need a DC/Dc regulator and AC/DC Rectifier

    This will do it.


    Model SP5

    Regulated DC/DC and AC/DC rectifier

    110/220 VAC Input
    24 volt / 15 Amp
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    If you are charging off-boat or do not need weather-proof, you might look at the BC12B Black & Decker. $36 each at WALMART. I bought a pair for use with 2 105A Everlasts for Trolling motor. The charger is 3-stage with Flotation top-up. Seem to be working great.

    They are fan cooled, so I would watch using them in a confined space.



    Big Differance!

    After reading the last two relpies I see that your looking for toys and gizmos. Not real Marine Grade Electrical equip.

    The Samyung Model SP5 Regulated DC/DC and AC/DC rectifier that I mentioned goes for $595.00 here in the USA.

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    If you can built one use keyproc(dioda) from welding machine to have a nice cool charger... it is not hard. a small version u can install a automatic stop.
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