Can Anyone Help Me Identify These Surface Drives?

Discussion in 'Surface Drives' started by ChrisN67, Jan 14, 2008.

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    I just bought this boat and I am trying to figure out the manufacturer of the Surface Drives. The boat itself is a 1997 Intrepid 337 Walk Around that was bought new from the factory without outboard rigging. It was then converted to accept twin 440 Yanmar Diesels with 2 Speed ZF Transmissions.
    As I just bought the bought I am going through the drivetrain and wanted to replace the seals on the surface drives. I have no idea who made them. I was told by the "owner" that he thought they were Italian "SPM". There is also an oil resevoir that feeds into the unit at the thrust plate bearing from the inside. The rudder steering arms have "Victory" cast on them. This is all I know. I have already sent pics to Arneson and several other SD companies and they had NO idea. The units are about 8 years old and are trimmable ONLY IN THE VERTICAL not horizontal as steering is accomplished with the rudders.

    Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks,


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  3. olli
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    I think I remember those drives. I saw them on a stand of Italian boat manufacturer "Off-Course" at Boot Düsseldorf many years ago. The company went bust but perhaps these guys can help you as their boats are based on an C&B / Off-Course design:
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    Thanks for the information. I will send them an email.
  5. MatthewPT
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    Chris, not sure if this SD issue is solved yet. My 1st guess is SBM ( the owner was close) although it could be Victory design as previously mentioned. Notice you have Rolla 5 blade props fitted. If you remove prop nut marked on the hub should be info: model #, size (dia x pitch ie 17.5 x 28) sometimes marked in metric for Italian yards. There should also be a prop number ie 960422 this is year '96 month 04 , 22 (22nd prop produced that month) maybe drop Rolla a line with prop info they would know for what drive - boat etc.
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  6. brunello
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    They are definitely not Victory Design drives, and they should be SBM, the italian propeller manufacturing company (Scaccabarozzi). The reason for the name "Victory" on the rams could be that the man behind this occasional venture of SBM into the surface drive world, was also the founder of a small italian powerboating club called "Victory", which has no connections to Victory Design. I do not think that SBM will be able to do much, but you could always try. I do not expect the seals, bearings and so forth to be way too difficult to replace and obviously all metric stuff. A good engineer should be able to check them out properly. Did you test the boat?
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