Can anyone find a more beautiful boat?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Verytricky, Oct 10, 2006.

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    Cooky :

    The 4 judges of the Federal Courts "quote" could not see the why Yacht Design / Naval Architecture was any different to the design works of the designer of buildings (Architecture). Why should designers of buildings be exempt from registering their works.

    The High Courts reasoning is unsupported, further the defense (of copying my design) was Innocent Infringement of Copyright. As history now reveals a member of the infringing party has been found guilty of stealing part of the Design works they were claiming innocence to.
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    I should read the full ruling before saying anything.....but.....As your design is a unique creation, in my opinion it is art. My Merriam-Webster defines ART as....4: the use of skill and imagination in the production of things of beauty; also : works so produced.

    I know it took skill and imagination to create your design, and it is unquestionably beautiful, but of course "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Even though a hull section (curve) or surface can be created from a simple mathematic equation, no equation can tell us the "right" stem profile, or the "correct" sheer line.

    Someone on this forum was crowing about a computer program that "designed" hulls perfectly every time. Any designer with experience knows that is rubbish. Even if it were possible, there would have to be art in the creation of the program.
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    Yeah i'm with you on that. As far as i know there has yet to exist a computer that has imagination, or that truly can come up with an idea all on its own. Therefore, whether it's pencil and splines or the latest super duper design program, they're still just tools for the human brain to use to get the idea into concrete form.

    Sorry to learn about your case Swarbrick, definitely has me reconsidering my operating procedures to protect myself...
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    If the main virtue in life has become just outsmarting your fellow man, then we live in dismal times indeed. Common decency merits some following too.

    I don't know the whole story here but i don't think registering one's designs is yet all that standard practice. Taking advantage of legal loopholes to 'outsmart' someone else does'nt make it right.

    The boats mass produced in Taiwan at the end of the seventies largely used W. Garden's designs. However, as they were far too cheap to pay Garden they would modify them just enough to get away with it. It probably doesn't need clarification that none of their modifications improved the designs...
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    Anything built by Frauscher:
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    Yep, they count.......
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    Looks like it might want to list to port a little.
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    My new favourite boat is about to be built!! And it uses my very own hull design. The top side is completely different, but the bit that counts for me is the bit that runs in the water!!
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    A lesson in that for us all
    And my sympathies to you JS. Shame the high court obviously has no yacht designers on it....
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    who needs engines?

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    Crouch's Baby Bootlegger. But here is a great modern replica, Babyface Nelson.

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    There have been some beautiful boats brought forth - Very sorry to shut down the thread.

    ....................................................With this;
    ...................................... Nosy%20Tanikely%20Boat.jpg

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