Calling all Corribee Sailboat owners in the USA ~

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    I am doing research on Newbridge Corribee sailboats in the States and would
    like to contact all present and pasts Corribee owners on 'this side of the pond'.
    I am interested is stories/histories of their boats, what types (bilge vs. Fin keel),
    modifications owners have made to their vessels and logs of travels.

    In particular, I am interested in locating the Corribee I photographed at the
    Gateway Marina Trappe, MD back in 2006. The marina has stated the boat
    had not been there for years, no other information by the marina has been

    Any knowledge of the condition of this Corribee, her location and present
    owner contacts would be greatly appreciated.

    Records from early Annapolis Sailboat Shows from the 1970s, which may have
    provided insight into the number of Corribees exhibited by the Newbridge
    Company or their US dealers, were sadly destroyed by high water associated
    with Hurricane Isabel.

    If there are any members here who had family working in the sailboat industry
    during the 70s or dealers of Corribee sailboats here in the US,
    I would appreciate your information.


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