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    Wow, its really something how many new catamarans are being introduced as foilers! Yes, it is a Revolution! First seen on SA this is a potentially exciting boat if it really foils-like so you can see under both hulls....Some of the newer boats have had a real hard time matching actual foiling to the foiling hype.
    Perhaps Morelli and Melvin can use the AC tech that they helped develop to make a real flyer!

    "Morrelli & Melvin, have announced that they will collaborate with McConaghy Boats to produce an exciting new 45ft racing catamaran with hydrofoils.
    After helping write the AC72 class Rule, M&M is working with the best designers and sailors in the world as part of the Emirates Team New Zealand challenge. Drawing on their experience with foiling Americas Cup 72 ft catamarans, Morrelli and Melvin have conceived the California 45 with the objective of making the exhilaration of Americas cup sailing available to the club sailor.
    The California 45 will foil in relative comfort, with high coamings, and solid aft deck, the effect of high powered water spray on the skipper and crew will be minimised. Electric winches and an ergonomic deck layout will make high speed, high adrenalin sailing a breeze. Transportable by containers will make it possible to ship to favourite regattas easily."

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