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Discussion in 'Materials' started by beso, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. beso
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    beso Junior Member

    is there a on the Internet for materials for the bottom of the boat, for example, how thick (layers with fiberglass, carbon fiber ..) at what spring should the bottom of the boat be made,
    amount of resin, gelcoat, fiberglass (carbon fiber) per square meter
  2. Alik
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    There is no such calculator. This is design work which should be done by specialist.
  3. rxcomposite
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    Especially if you are going to use carbon fiber.
  4. beso
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    beso Junior Member

    I found this calculator on the Internet for fiberglass
    Working Out Quantities
    Materials Calculator - Calculates Material Quantities
    as I understand main resin is polyester rezin
    gelcoat is an epoxy paint
    I do not know what is - Tissue, Topcoat.
    "Catalyst/Hardener" this is hardening accelerator for polyester rezin or
    second component for gelcoat

    I'm just trying to calculate the approximate price of a small boat like

  5. Mr Efficiency
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    I think the OP needs to explain the context of his asking of these questions. Certainly he appears to have little grounding in the subject, so it would help to know where he is coming from, figuratively speaking. I hope its not as a prospective boat builder.
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