CADMATIC Piping Engineer/Designer job (the Netherlands)

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    We are currently looking for a 3D Piping Engineer to work for our client, a succesful engineering company.

    The piping engineer is capable of routing piping and ducting into a 3D model of a (custom built) yacht from the input of schematics or a 2D pre-engineering drawing, using his knowledge of mechanical (piping) engineering, in accordance with therules/regulations and guidelines.

    Core Tasks:
    Activities relate to the following main tasks:
    - Design pipe routing in 3D plant modeller for all parts in a yacht;
    - Design 3D arrangements of technical spaces, required for installation purposes or further detail engineering;
    - Design penetration layouts for bulkheads, decks and girders according to rules and regulations and yard standards.

    These main activities can consist of the following sub activities:
    - Making layout drawings for pipe routing, and layout drawings for technical spaces including engine rooms and support drawings for equipment and fabrication isometrics;
    - Checking of drawings produced by other engineers;
    - Consulting with project manager and client;
    - Receiving feedback and providing background information in clients comment-meetings.

    Additional Tasks:
    - Making estimations of required working time in order to monitor project progress;
    - Gaining and using knowledge of scope of delivery.

    Personal Skills:
    - Eager to learn
    - Problem solving attitude
    - Communicative skills
    - Able to work independently as well as member in a project team
    - Well-organised
    - Capacity for 3D view in narrow (curved) spaces with an overall view for the whole vessel.
    - Having a critical approach towards changes
    - Affinity with naval architecture

    Education & Experience:
    - Intermediate Technical School or Technical College (MTS or HTS), Mechanical Engineering design, or Naval Engineering design (SWTK)
    - Skilled in Microsoft Office applications
    - Skilled in AutoCAD
    - Experience with Cadmatic plant modeller
    - Knowledge of the English language, verbally as well as in writing
    - Preferably 1 to 2 years of working experience

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