C. Andrade's 25' Spray replica

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by saintkas, Dec 24, 2018.

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    I was searching for a copy of Andrade's analysis of Slocum's Spray. I stumbled on an article in a 1922 edition of "Boat" magazine written by C. Andrade Jr. in which he described how he designed and built a reduced size version of Slocum's Spray. The boat was about 25 feet in length. The article contains a copy of the lines for his design.

    This is the first I had ever heard that Andrade had designed and built a small version of the Spray. Has anyone else come across this design before? Has anyone seen a technical analysis of this design in terms of stability. Has anyone built a boat using this design? Does anyone know what happened to Andrade's original boat?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Just FYI, Bruce Roberts has designs for the Spray... I have a family friend that built a few of the designs... Bruce my have some information on the analysis. He has many different versions of a replica Spray even in the 22 foot range. But to answer your question, no I have not seen Andrade's work on the Spray. Sorry.

    Bruce Roberts Spray
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    There's an analysis of Spray that Andrade published in The Rudder that may be of interest.
    Andrade was a contemporary of Slocum's and before the latter left for his last voyage he had apparently had opportunity to meet with him and examine Spray during which time he produced his own set of fared lines for the boat. He used these for a detailed analysis in an article published in The Rudder magazine, volume 21, 1909 ... which can be downloaded in PDF form from Google Books for free. The publish date for the article was about a month after Slocum was lost.

    It appears that they, both Slocum and Andrade, may have been assuming the VCG to be at roughly the waterline when it might have been higher. One fellow I talked with once was unaware if the actual VCG of Spray had ever been determined. IIRC he thought the VCG should be higher than the waterline.
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