BV Rules For Small Boats

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Ardi, Aug 25, 2023.

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    Hello Everyone ,

    So I tried to design a small 7 meter boat with the BV Rules, I thought that BV NR600 is the suitable rule for this. Then I found these tables on pressure calculations. I am confused about the values I should apply to my boat. ( soc and foc values) . Has anyone here ever used this rule? is the BV NR600 rule correct for small boat design? And also related to this table of soc and foc, can anyone explain points 3 and 4 in table 6 (soc)? assuming I design ships with these exceptions, which soc value should I apply?


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    The table clearly establishes the values you should take, depending on the type of vessel (recreational does not seem to be included in that table. If they are not included, it is because said table is not applicable to you.) and the type of navigation you have planned. It is the first thing you should define.
    That being said, I don't think these BV rules are the most suitable for a boat as small as yours.
    NR600 : Hull structure and arrangement for the classification of cargo ships less than 65 m and non-cargo ships less than 90 m
    Ask who forces you to apply these rules because there are others that are more suitable for small boats.
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    None of BV Rules is suitable for small boats. Use DNV0342 or ISO12215-5 instead.
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    Hello thanks for the answer,
    Yes, it's true that there are many other rules for the design of small boats. But let's ignore about the "small boat" What if I design a rescue boat with a coastal or tropical zone area. What soc value should I apply? because there is a statement in table 6 point 3 . Does it use point 2 formula?
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