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Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by chrisv, Jun 20, 2008.

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    I am about to buy my first sailboat in California. It's an old, but nice, Columbia in mission bay in San Diego. But my question does not concern the boat so much as the process of buying my first boat from a classified ad.

    I'm not looking for legal advice, just some basics people with more experience on how I should pay and what documentation I should expect. Thanks in advance. Chris
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    I have an early Columbia 29, you can come out here and drag her off for free. Of course, you'll need a custom trailer or marine hauler, the rig is shot, but repairable, the old Atomic 4 is locked up, maybe rebuildable, the sails worn and the interior looks like the Russian Army spent their last pay day in it, but cleanable. These older Columbias doesn't hold value very well and possibly why you're interested in one. They're good heavy weather boats, but you'll get killed in light air or against more modern boats.

    Boats are just like cars and houses. You have your trusted mechanic look over a used car before you buy or you have a house inspected buy a trusted or licensed person before getting a mortgage. Ditto with boats and we call this a survey.

    If the price seems low, there's probably several reasons it is.

    If you enter into a private sale, then the terms are subject to what ever you and the owner agree on. Cash or check is typical.

    Have the boat surveyed or at least have a really good boat guy look her over. Take it out for a ride and see what works and what doesn't, etc. Then hold your breath and hope you've found all the stuff that's wrong and not get screwed, just like any other type of used something or other sale.

    The only documentation you should receive are the bill of sale and a title. Good luck . . .
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    par has covered the paper work
    just saying i had a columbia in the bay for years then took it to the delta and had to get something faster

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    Again PAR has given you sound instructions in the ways and wherefores - listen to him and learn, the guy really knows his stuff!

    (just don't let him know I said that, he'll not believe you!!)
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