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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by genuinemarine, Mar 16, 2004.

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    Latest Updates on China Yacht Industry

    Hi, Boaters,

    Here is the latest updates about Genuine Marine and China Yacht Industry:

    Genuine Marine Ltd proudly announces that we are now the authorized distributor in China for Schaefer Marine in U.S.A, Gebo in Netherland, Istotherm and Vimar in Italy, Selden in Sweden and negotiations with other marine manufacturers are under way.

    Besides and, we are also representing American Boat&Yacht Council and European Certification Buraue in China to promote their business here.

    We are working with some designers who approached us via this post and helping them locate the right yards in China to build their design. We believe we could help cement some concrete business for those who have already approached us soon.

    According to our latest conversations with those local yacht builders in China, most of those quality yards have had their order book full this year and some even full until 2007. More new yards are being set up now and lots of local and international investors are investigating and evaluating the market and the industry here according to our talks with China Boat and Trade Association.

    One of the new comer we could like to mention is OceAnco, a mega yacht builder from Monaco and they are now building their brand new catamaran designs ( in China now too.

    Statistics from the January Issue of ShowBoas International shows that Taiwan, R.O.P ranks itself no 5 in the 2005 Mega Yacht Order Book with mainland of China as no 8.

    Genuine Marine continues to serve as the bridge between those international companies and those local Chinese yards for business, technical and cultural exchange as well as for mutual development.

    Feel free to contact us for more about the China yacht industry if you would like to explore the market here.

    Genuine Marine Team
    We Help Build Better Boats
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    boat buyer

    dear sir
    i want to buy a 50ft twin diesel motors quality fit out for about $A500,000
    new or willing to order
    can u help
    peter hutton
  3. cyclops
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    I find it difficult to beleive that the minister of China's boat and yacht industry has to use our forum for getting Boat companies to gladly build their boats in China. I am overcome.
  4. normbaker
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    normbaker Junior Member

    I wonder if Genuine Marine is really genuine in its desires to do anything but what brings foreign currency into the country so it can employ lots of local people, or whether it is like Integrity Yachts, another China boat yard who does not live up to its name.

    There are very few good boat yards in China capable of building to ABYC standards (how could they, they have never done a training course and don't know the high standards expected and too many of their home grown knock-off items don't stand the test of time to even make it out of the boatyard.

    Those very few Chinese yards who do a good job have had US companies invest a lot of time and money into raising their standard to an acceptable level and now most of these yards are too busy to take on any more work.

    So who is looking for boats to build in China. The Chinese knock-off boatyards, some who set themselves up with fake histories and lies to convince you that they can turn out a quality boat.

    It takes more than due diligence and a signed contract to do business in China and only the large companies who invest millions in the country will succeed. The small companies going in, like I did, get eaten up and spat out and the contract conditions change as quick as it takes the ink to dry. Even a contract that has a guarantee underwritten by a Chinese Government Company stating everything will be fine and if not we will give you all your money back is not worth the paper it's written on when the Government Company will not communicate with your repeated attempts to reach them and seek the retribution that they guaranteed under their letterhead.

    Nice photos of one compnay and you can be sure it took them some time to prepare it for the shoot. 90% of the yards I saw I would not build a dinghy in.

    Tread very softly my friend, or have a lot of money you wish to donate to China's manufacturing stranglehold on the world, if you intend to build in China.
  5. trawlercatbuild
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    trawlercatbuild Junior Member

    China build, trawlercat

    I suggest anyone considering a China build read thread concerning same under
    marketplace forum
  6. yokebutt
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    yokebutt Boatbuilder

    Genuine and Integrity sounds kinda' bogus, sort of like saying "we will never, never, never, never, ever cheat you".

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2005
  7. normbaker
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    normbaker Junior Member

    Hi Genuine Marine, Would you please tell us the name and location of the boatyard in China that is or will be building the first Sophia power catamaran?
  8. normbaker
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    normbaker Junior Member

    Hi Again, Genuine Marine, I tried to go to your web site only to find you want me to install Chinese/English translator software. I would never do that, so I clicked cancel in the box you provided and instead of cancelling, your web site opened up in Chinese.

    Not very good or very genuine, Genuine Marine. Now I can expect to be bombarded by all sorts of Chinese scams and pop up ups and possible viruses as happened once before when I entered into Chinese "air space".

    If this happens I will ask the forum director to have you permannetly removed.
  9. mastcolin
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    mastcolin Senior Member


    I wouldn't worry. It was just your Explorer needing the case set for chinese characters. You must have had it already installed or it wouldn't go to site. I went to look and only got the damn chinese. For a company wanting a western connection it seemed odd not to have english version.

    ps I'm here in china working on the 2 big superyachts pictured earlier in thread. I'll keep you guys abreast.(european owner)

    pps never mind invading tibet. What about invading Iraq? Isn't that more recent? Don't get me started on the politics of it all. Most of the western world is as bad - it's just easier from our perspective to ignore it all and go drink our starbucks, drive our SUV home and lock our doors and watch Fox.

    pps see my comments on another thread from trawlerbuild
  10. normbaker
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    normbaker Junior Member

    Hi Mastcolin,

    I'd love to hear your news on building superyachts in China. Where, what yard, what is the quality like, are they on schedule?

    How long have you been there?

    I would not have thought it possible from what I saw.

    We had a standing joke when I was in China that the only decisions made at a Chinese production meeting was the date and time of the next meeting.

    Will check trawlerbuild. Thanks.
  11. Chickadee
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    Sail boats in China


    I need informations and contacts about chinese production of modern cruising sailboats, if any! Could the Chinese posters provide me with some news ? What are the current events in the Shenzen area? I've heard they want to develop the boating industry for the 2008 OG.

    Is there any 10-12 m model to see ? I have my own drawings, but I'd like too see something already built.

    Links are welcome since urls provided don't show much :(

    PS genuinemarine website needs some work, just sent pics of boats and yards and data and I could do something for you ;)
  12. normbaker
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    normbaker Junior Member

    Hi Chickadee,

    I'm sure you've seen my July 1st posting above. You souund like the type of person Genuine Marine and all the other small yards are looking for to sucker in and finance their learning curve.

    Genuine Marine seems to have stuck his head back in the sand as soon as the replies got too hot for him to handle.

    It's Caveat Emptor big time to go money in hand to a Chinese boatyard. They will tell you everything you want to hear.

    Beware my friend.
  13. Chickadee
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    Chickadee Junior Member

    Thanks for your advice normbaker. As you said, just try to dig a bit and nothing clear comes out from this. No problem, I have only ideas and not a cent to invest, but I know there are very wealthy people in China and some who want to develop boating. This might take time.

    I had a plan to promote their (future) products. Not sure they are ready for that yet and we have to wait to see anything original coming from their yards. There will be more delocalisations from big US or Euro shipyards, exporting their knowledge like they have done decades ago, to other Asian countries, but those don't need my two cents !
  14. Tim B
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    If you're in Europe... Build in Europe. There is sound reason for this, It's a lot easier to get to the yard. Find somewhere local (or localish) and go down every Monday morning or every other Monday. Then if there are problems you can work through them together, and if you have a new idea it can probably be incorporated. It also lets you check on the quality, and solve problems before they occur. Only when you totally trust a yard can you just contract them to do the work. If they're overseas, then whatever their reputation, I personally wouldn't contract them. Especially in the world of small craft there is far too much risk for the financial saving.

    All the best,

    Tim B.

  15. Chickadee
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    Chickadee Junior Member

    Tim: I agree 100%

    I was looking for Chinese funding, to promote their sailboat production. Perhaps not the best place to discuss this. ;)

    As I can't find any modern Chinese cruising sailing boat, debate is closed.
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