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    developing industries

    Hey guys,

    Do you care for another persons 2 cents worth?

    A quick reminder that China is not the only country in Asia. A lot of developing markets have the advantage of cheap labor and low taxes and its just a case of finding the one that most closely satisfies your requirements at the lowest risk.

    Mr Neven is a member of the forum, based in Sumatra, Indonesia, and has a comprehensive website ( with insight into the factors which are unique to this area.
    I am based in Phuket, Thailand, and can testify to a robust and developing yacht industry here.
    Mr george is in china and sounds like he can offer assistance weather building boats or training as a diplomat.

    I don’t earn a cent from promoting other peoples businesses, but as a foreign investor working in asia I appreciate the power of recommendation. Learn from other peoples mistakes, research options and risks on the internet, and best of all find someone with an unbiased, objective, understanding of both your requirements and the prevailing markets of these developing industries.
    Now Im really going to be objective by saying “sometimes it is better, the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know”. As a foreign investor you will encounter many obstacles which are unforeseen. Time delays, language barriers, currency exchange, production hours, and quality expectations, will undoubtedly raise their ugliest heads.
    What I am getting at is do not commit your finances until you feel confident with the results that they will produce. One off builders and small production lines are well advised to seek local/resident assistance in both research and manufacturing. The time and money spent on expat advice and assistance will be saved a million times over.

    I expect this post to be flamed by Mr George, so please let me just say this. We, as outsiders to the American and European market, are required to produce a product and investment environment better than those offered elsewhere so as to be able to compete. No, this is not ‘Fair’ but then again we are asking investor to entrust us with their hard earned money and reputation. Unfamiliar culture, language, prior reputation and politics, all work against us, but we have big advantages also. We have to make the advantages so much bigger than the disadvantages, it is not about personal politics or saving face.

    Please feel free to search my previous posts amongst which you will find a list of businesses and events in the Phuket region.

    My Aim in this post is not to compete with other boat builders but simply to build boats. The more satisfied customers=the more boats built=the more repairs=infinity. ;)

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    Not wanting to stir the pot too much, Tibet was invaded during the cultural revolution and remains occupied.
    However, I have been to China and have much love for the culture and people. I have had some insight into the problems and benefits of the business environment. Foreign Investment conditional on improved health and safety and legal standards and audits would be beneficial to everyone. :idea:

    xie xie

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    If you want to contact Genuine Marine for more information about building yachts in China please feel free to contact us at:

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    Re: Your Post

    Hi, Dan,

    I totally agree on your aim in this post and I am a 100% Chinese but I would rather call myself an international citizen.

    Please rest assured that rather than competing with other boat builders I prefer to work with them and make the cake bigger so that everybody in the same industry have a bigger share.

    By the way my only interest in the forum is to know more friends and know more about building boats. Look through all the message and you can see that I have no interest in training as diplomat.

    Yours truly
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    Your Comment

    I totally agree on the second part of your above post and as everybody knows every coin has two sides and that is true in China as well as every other countries.

    However not quite agree on the first part of your post and if your invade refers to the power take-over from the religion leader in Tibet to the central government of China that happened in 1950's instead of cultural revolution(1970's).

    Anyway let us talk boats here and no politics.

    Yours friend
  6. Director of Promotion Department

    We are the China Rep office of a territorial enterpreneurial association in Germany, one of our member, who is involved in the luxury yacht industry in Germany, is interested in entering China market and seeks for a Chinese partner in the fields of selling and manufacturing.

    If you are interested in that, please contact me.

    My e-mail address is
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    Re: Latest Updates on China Yacht Industry

    Hei, Guys,

    Just want to keep you tuned of the lastest development of the yacht industry in China.The yacht business in China is booming now and as you might know that:

    Sunseeker has already set up a office here in Shanghai an is building a marina in Qingdao.

    Silverton of U.S.A has already appointed three dealers in China and is looking for more.

    Mustang of Australia has already appointed three dealers in China and is looking for more.

    Carver and Ferrite are also investigating to set up their presence in China.

    Lots of local Chinese companies are seeking the opportunities to explore the yacht business right now and these can be easily demonstrated by the numerous yacht building zones and marinas which are under construction here in China.

    For further information about yacht industry in China please feel free to contact Genuine Yachts, the boating professional in China at: and we help our clients Experience The Authentic Nature Of Yachting.

    Stay tuned with us.

    Genuine Yachts Team
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    Re: Mega-yacht building in China

    Hi, Guys,

    Here are some photos of some mega yachts which are being built in China.

    You could also find article Ultimate Luxury Item, Made In China published in New York Times on July 3rd 2004.

    Safe Cruising!

    James Georgechen
    Genuine Yachts Team

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    Re: and in China

    Hi, Boaters,

    We are proud to announce that Genuine Yachts Ltd has been appointed as the exclusive agent of and in China.

    GenuineYachts aims to be the leading marketing firm specialized in the yacht business of China and we offer our expertise to those Chinese boat builders and other marine units who are interested in exploring the international markets and those international companies who are interested in China markets. We are planning to team together all those who are experts in the different fields of this industry so that we could offer our clients a professional, efficient service that fits in China.

    We sincerely hope that our efforts in this aspect could help promote the mutual business, technical and culture exchange between the yacht industry of China and those of the other nations.

    If you are interested in exploring the yacht industry of China or would like to know more about the marine circles, contacts and what is going on in the yacht industry of China please feel free to contact us.

    Genuine Yachts Ltd
    Experience The Authentic Nature Of Yachting
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    glossdesign Arch.

    Contact us!

    Hi Genuine Yachts,
    we are very interested in cooperation with you.
    please contact us!
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    Daniel Fenton Marine Recruitment


    A. & S. Consultants spe******e is Technical and Marine recruitment (Internationally). Attached is a list of candidates we have available. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

    Kind regards
    A. & S. Consultants Int. Ltd.

    Daniel Fenton
    Marine Recruitment Consultant

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  12. ChinaYacht

    ChinaYacht Guest

    I came across the message but just found it disappointing.

    I am China-based yacht exporter, and our products have been exported to American and European market.

    When marketing our products, I did meet some who refuse our products just because they are China-made, and was told they refuse such a communist counutry as China.Ok,as we are businessman of course, we talk only business,we took it easy when refused and were not ready to talking them into accepting our products. Everyone could do whatever he like if he/she thinks it appropriate.

    We are interested in developing and expanding our business, but only with those real businessman.
  13. Kelly Lim

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    Project Manager - Boat Tech China

    Hi Guys,

    You may like to consider exhibiting or visiting at the only marine equipment and accessories show in Guangzhou China - BOAT TECH CHINA (01 to 03 June 2005) at CECF Complex (Liuhua).

    Boat Tech China will showcase the latest boat design, equipments, systems, materials and accessories, all under one roof! It is specifically aimed at supporting the boatbuilding industry in China, specifically matchmaking foreign marine companies who want to find sources of lower cost manufacture in China and for foreign companies who want to sell skills and technology to the marine industry there.

    Do feel free to contact us for more information or for participation.

    Best Regards,
    Kelly Lim
    Project Manager
    Boat Tech China 2005
    Suntec Integrated Media
    DID: 65 68252050
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    Experienced with Chineese Products (late 80's)

    In the late 80's I was in the business of designing, and selling windsurfing fins. I spent 4 years improving production techniques for RTM, only to find out that a finished, delivered product from China was cheaper than my raw materials in the US. We began importing fins from China, via various reps in Hong Kong, who worked the mainland facilities. Quality was always a problem. I'd send detailed specifications only to have the specs ignored. I learned that my standards were too high (blue fibers mixed in a white polyester fin seemed OK to them, and blades were never accurate, and sometimes mislabeled). I offered to pay more for what I wanted, but it never came. I don't know if my displeasure with quality was considered offensive or not. I just didn't get any answers that were straight, or fins I wanted. I do believe you can get what you want from China if your company has a full time presence in Hong Kong and 'manages' your quality standards. Neil Pryde has been successfully building in China for years through this formula. I got out of the fin business since.

    Bob Ames, NA.

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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Hi everyone :)

    I have read this post and replies with interest. The heated debate between genuinemarine and others at times put a smile on my dail.

    However, whether we like it or not, China is an awakening industrial gaint and soon to be the biggest superpower in the world.
    People in the USA should be coming used to this statement, whether they like it or not, and this also goes for all of us.

    At the end it all boils down to numbers. In my country, we made peace with with that, whether we like it or not. You you just cannot stop the majority.

    And when it comes to China, they are the majority in the world, well over 1.2 billion on the last count if I am not mistaken. It is just a matter of time.

    Then again, some of the photos of yards and boats posted of China are impressive indeed.
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