Business & Management University(MBA).

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    Business & Management University(MBA).
    The Group "Business & Management University" is a private university committed to higher education, operates under the direction of a strategic committee compound by five members. The administrators, faculty, staff, and students of the University, are committed to excellence in education.
    It carries out its mission by assembling a faculty team having high academic and professional standards.
    The University is dedicated to the preparation of student in two fields in the arts and sciences: Management and banking & finance.
    A major commitment exists to provide educational services for the larger national and international community, especially graduate education for mature students.
    To encourage students to develop their unique potential and to become quickly productive member of society, the University seeks to provide an appropriate academic and social environment. Moreover, the University attempts to responds to the needs of its students through administrative services, teaching, scholarship and research.

    Stated institutional goals are as follows:
    · To provide educational programs that enable students to read, write, compute, speak effectively, and think critically.
    · To prepare students to demonstrate competence in their chosen field(s) of study at appropriate degree levels and to encourage excellence in student learning.
    · To develop undergraduate programs to meet the needs of constituencies.
    · To develop graduate and continuing educational programs for both professional advancement and personal enrichment.
    · To encourage and provide essential support services for creative activities and research.
    · To provide leadership and planning for future development.
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