Burkhard Pieske's Bounty Bay

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    Does anyone know anything about this boat? (Or can they tell much from the fuzzy video?)

    "Burkhard Pieske, German adventurer crossed the Pacific singlehand on his tiny dinghy BOUNTY BAY, a rebuilt rescue boat similar to the boat used by famous Cap. Bligh on HMS BOUNTY, visited King of Tonga, and arrived safely after 7000 nm crossing the Pacific."

    (There's some good views of the boat in the middle of the video and near the end.)

    It looks like a schooner, with a standing lug forward, and either a sprit-boomed lug (what would you call that) or gaff-sprit sail aft. Can anyone make it out better than me?

    I take it such a shallow draft boat would require such a low sail-plan. It doesn't look like there's a center-board trunk in there.

    Do you think it's a whitehall type hull?

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