Bulb not re-inflating

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by valvebounce, May 28, 2015.

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    The pump up bulb on my tank-outboard was not fully re-inflating.
    I removed the tank cap and blew thro' the vent holes,air was passing thro' somewhat.
    I popped off the bottom cap in the cap,and removed the threaded vent shaft.It had a build up that resembled a piece of tobacco leaf.I poked around with a pin and removed a piece 3/4"X 3/8".I can only presume that this obstruction was acting like a non-return valve,and stopping the bulb from re-inflating.
    I removed the rest of the residue by dropping all the parts in white spirit and using a small paintbrush to clean them.I was amazed at the amount of residue that had built up.
    The bulb re-inflates perfectly now.
    What was kidding me was the fact that once the engines started,they would run.
    I just thought I would mention it on here in case anyone is having the same problem.
    I certainly think a periodic inspection and cleaning of the cap is worthwhile.
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